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Doctor of Health Science


Thank you for your interest in the Doctor of Health Science program at Nova Southeastern University. NSU is in the top five large, private, nonprofit universities in the Southeast, with a long history of expertise and excellence in distance education. The program was created by former clinicians in 2002.

The program was created in response to a need among clinicians to excel in their career through intensive study in areas such as health policy, ethics, evidence-based medicine, and cultural diversity, among others. These skills enhance clinician’s ability to serve their clients and apply skills such as cultural awareness to their practice. 

Students are finished with the program when they have completed their capstone courses, making this a non-dissertation degree for health professionals who are working in their field of practice.  Through this experience, students learn to use research evidence when making health care decisions- a vital skill to have in today’s high pressure, data-driven organizations.

The curriculum was designed to prepare future leaders for practice in the health care professions, health care education, and health care administration. NSU is committed to updating curriculum to capture new content that students need to be competitive in their careers.

Once again, thank you for your interest in the Doctor of Health Science program.

For further information, please contact the Admissions Counselor at (954) 262-1114.

Moya L. Alfonso, Ph.D., MSPH

Program Director, Doctor of Health Science

Associate Professor

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