Enhance Abilities to Live, Work and Play

As an Occupational Therapist, you enhance an individual’s quality of life through your hands-on rehabilitative care and informed recommendations for meaningful activities, equipment and environmental modifications that empower people to live more independently. Occupational therapy is prescribed for people with a wide variety of illnesses, injuries and disabilities, including Alzheimer’s disease, sensory processing disorders, autism, limb loss, and mental health issues, just to name a few.

O.T. Job Demand: Much Faster Than Average

O.T.s not only change lives for the better: they enjoy a stable, financially comfortable career to support themselves and their loved ones. Federal labor experts project an 18% job growth rate through 2028, “much faster than average,” compared to other occupations. 

Comprehensive O.T. Foundation

Nova Southeastern University’s professional, masters' and doctoral O.T. programs teach you to assess and treat in ways that best match each patient’s goals. You’ll build the comprehensive foundation you need to confidently treat patients in any setting: schools, private practices, community-based programs, nursing homes, hospitals, home health agencies, outpatient clinics, disability insurance companies, pediatric programs, prisons, work rehabilitation programs, sheltered workshops, homeless programs, drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, and day treatment and other psychiatric programs.

NSU’s post-professional Dr.OT and Ph.D. O.T. programs will take your career to the next level in research, practice and academia. You will become a leader in your area of expertise.

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Occupational Therapy Degree Programs

M.O.T. Occupational Therapy

With your ACOTE-accredited Master of Occupational Therapy degree, work inpatient or outpatient; with kids to seniors; in mental health; community mobility or other specializations.

Fort Lauderdale - O.T.D. Occupational Therapy

Face-to-Face on Campus

We are excited to expand from the entry-level Master of OT (M.O.T.) program to the entry-level Dr. of OT (O.T.D.) program at the Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus.

Tampa Bay - O.T.D. Occupational Therapy

Blended Delivery

You strive to be among the best: practicing at high levels; leading and advocating for others. NSU’s challenging Entry Level O.T.D. Tampa Bay Blended program fast tracks you in 3 ⅓ years: see why grads enjoy a 98% NBCOT pass rate, far surpassing the 73% national average.

Dr.O.T. Occupational Therapy

Licensed O.T.s only: elevate your practice; pursue consultancies; advocate for others; and build effective health programs. Ideal for working O.T.s: online, with some campus presence.

Ph.D. in Occupational Therapy

Licensed O.T.s only: advance your leadership, research and teaching without disrupting your career. NSU’s Ph.D. is for working professionals: largely online, with a limited on-campus presence.

Greater Flexibility: Higher Pass Rates

NSU was one of the first universities in the world to introduce an accredited entry-level doctoral O.T. degree — and the program continues to excel today:

  • 98-100% retention rate
  • 98% NBCOT pass rate (far higher than 73% national average)
  • One of the few offering blended online options: further your career without disrupting it

Career Outcomes

O.T.s Enjoy Diverse Career Opportunities

Occupational therapist with elderly patient

Assist Elderly or Injured Patients

Teach patients limited by permanent injury or illness, as well as those of advancing age to use appropriate adaptive equipment, so they can enjoy more active, independent lives. Assist those suffering chronic conditions like surgery recovery, diabetes or other temporary situations.

occupational therapist teaching student

Return People to Productive Work

Employ your expertise to evaluate and create more functional environments; collaborate with employers to modify equipment and/or schedules that allow people to resume productive careers.

two occupational therapists with child

Help Kids with Disability

Conduct educational evaluations and advocate on behalf of disabled children. Your recommendations on classroom equipment and other modifications make it possible for a child to participate in ordinary school activities and enjoy a more normal childhood.

Treat At-Risk Infants

O.T.s also provide early intervention therapy: you can work with infants and toddlers at risk of developmental delays.

therapist speaking in a group session

Assist Patients with Mental or Emotional Issues

O.T.s also use their expertise to help patients suffering from developmental disabilities, mental illness, emotional problems, drug abuse, alcoholism, depression, traumatic events and more. Their instruction helps patients learn or relearn essential tasks, from managing time and money to doing housework; navigating public transportation; and many other day-to-day needs.

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O.T. Faculty: Leaders Respected Worldwide

Train with and be mentored by O.T. clinicians with deep experience and active influence in state, national and global O.T. communities. Our professors are sought-after keynote speakers at high-profile conferences in the U.S. and abroad. They review scientific journals, are quoted in top industry publications and shape the future of the O.T. profession through their contributions to international certification and assessment standardization initiatives. Most importantly, they are caring, supportive educators: genuinely inspired to see you succeed in your career.

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