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Bachelor of Health Science

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Bachelor of Health Science degree completion program will demonstrate command of the following learning outcomes as evidenced by their participation in class, completion of class assignments, presentations, projects, Graduates will be able to:

  1. Communicate effectively in writing on a variety of topics related to health care.
  2. Demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of the delivery of culturally competent health care.
  3. Effectively communicate and acknowledge the impact of the legal, ethical, and political environment on health care policy and delivery.
  4. Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to search and retrieve information and materials related to individual clinical practice issues or overall health policy concerns.
  5. Describe and demonstrate management / leadership skills and theories that can be applied in preparation to lead or manage effectively in a health care environment.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of and effectively apply health care models, theories, and tools to issues impacting health care delivery.
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