Exercise Science, Fitness and Health: Strengthen Career Success

It’s a career that’s emotionally and visibly rewarding: inspiring others to improve their health and physical performance. Your guidance can change the way people think and feel about themselves, reshaping not just their body, but also their mindset and future. Your expertise guides clients to improved performance and health. Your leadership empowers individuals to achieve milestones they never dreamed they could.

If you’re pumped about teaching others to live stronger, healthier lives, Nova Southeastern University’s Health and Human Performance degree programs prepare you to build a standout career as an exercise physiologist, strength coach, trainer, fitness director, gym or wellness manager or similar roles.

Why Choose NSU to Study Training, Fitness and Health?

Whether your goal is to work with kids, adults or specialized elite athletes, NSU’s bachelor’s and master’s degree programs add the competitive edge most universities can’t match:

NSU Network Connections

Career success is not always just what you know — it’s also who you know. NSU provides you with the best of both: rigorous, evidence-based practitioner curriculum, taught by faculty members who are national influencers themselves or are directly connected to top industry players. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact one-to-one with each of your professors, as well as collaborate on research.

Innovative Research

NSU has a number of published papers involving pro athletes ranging from the UFC, NFL, MLS and NHL. These studies have ranged from brain health, body composition and performance testing.

Competitive Curriculum

The NSU Sports Science Master’s degree is uniquely designed to prepare individuals with the knowledge and skills to utilize technology, collect research based data and provide application in the sports performance field.

Leading-Edge Lab Resources

Enroll in our program, and learn DEXA body composition analysis and VICON motion analysis in our state-of-the-art EXSC facility.

Peak performance demands the right preparation — in competition or career. NSU offers you the strongest combination of curriculum, practicum and industry expertise to reach your goals.

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NSU Health and Human Performance Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science

See how this NSCA-endorsed degree program grounds you in the foundational science of movement while connecting you to influential industry leaders. You may even get published: unheard of for undergrads!

Master of Science in Sports Science (M.S.S.S.)

This hybrid online/onsite lab graduate program immerses you in breakthrough research on body composition, performance, sports neuroscience, biomechanics, supplements and elite athletics.
Student having a clinical assessment

Research Labs: NFL, NHL, UFC, NCAA

Our 2,400 sq. ft. leading-edge laboratory houses elite athlete studies, including but not limited to NFL, NHL, UFC and NCAA, to strengthen graduate-level preparation and education.

The laboratory has two primary uses:

  • Preparation for clinical assessments
  • Research and community service projects by graduate faculty and students

Exercise And Sport Science Laboratory

Career Outcomes

Where Do NSU Graduates Work?

  • Colleges and universities
  • Corporate settings
  • Health and fitness centers
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Hotels and resorts
  • International athletic organizations
  • K-12 school systems
  • Military
  • Occupational health
  • Performing arts
  • Physicians’ offices
  • Professional sports
  • Public safety
  • Sports medicine clinics
  • U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Centers

Connect to Influential Sports and Exercise Leaders

Learn from professors and advisers shaping sports and exercise at national levels who are connected to many other top thought leaders and industry notables. They’re actively engaged in research initiatives that rival Research 1 institutions — transforming theory into practice — and collaborating with their students during the process. All full-time faculty are certified by the NSCA in strength and conditioning. Some are even three-time Olympians or help train NFL athletes. In addition to teaching and research, NSU professors are active practitioners and/or involved in community service.

Meet Your Professors and Advisers

Go Behind the Scenes

Get a real-world glimpse of what your program is like — and if NSU is the right fit for you. We invite you to spend the day with us. Slots are available monthly from September through April. Your NSU Student Host will schedule your visit and accompany you throughout the day. Your visit includes:

  • Meeting with a faculty member
  • Tour of campus, classes, and labs
  • Lunch
  • Meeting with an admissions counselor, if you request it

Schedule your visit now: contact Dr. Corey Peacock


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