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As a physical therapist, your training is a life-changing gift to patients. Restoring their independence. Reducing or eliminating pain. Avoiding the risks and complications of surgery, side effects from long-term medication reliance, or doing the research to determine the most effective treatments. You give people of all ages a brighter tomorrow.

Your career future is equally as bright, given the soaring 17% growth rate and strong earnings P.T.s enjoy through 2031, according to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

What Makes Nova Southeastern University's (NSU) Physical Therapy Programs Your Best Choice?

As you consider which P.T. program assures you the strongest career advantages, here’s why NSU’s P.T. programs merit the top spot:  

PT Education Across the Continuum

NSU prides itself on offering a full range of P.T. education.  From the entry-level, professional Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) programs to the blended P.T. Ph.D. program.  From Residency Training for those seeking additional training in specific areas of P.T. to offering licensed P.T.s continuing education programs.  NSU offers post-graduate Neurologic P.T. and Orthopedic P.T. Residency as well as one of the few Faculty Residency programs for those interested in making the transition to a full-time academic position.

Highly Satisfied Graduates 

There’s no better source than alumni to get the real scoop on a degree program. NSU P.T. alumni give NSU’s P.T. programs top marks in post-graduation surveys on curriculum, faculty support, clinicals, research and more.

Strong Word of Mouth  

Our grads do more than score us highly: they actively refer others. Many applicants learn about us and apply, based upon the recommendations of P.T. alumni and clinical students they met. 

Launch a brighter future for yourself — and thousands of appreciative patients. Apply now.

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Physical Therapist Programs

Fort Lauderdale - Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)

The Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences’ Fort Lauderdale/Davie Professional Physical Therapy program is three-year, full time program. Non-lab sessions are delivered face to face, using blending learning and via online technology. Face-to-face lab time is dedicated to developing hands on skills, that will give you an edge in your profession. 

Tampa Bay - Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)

An ideal option for the working professional, the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program located at Nova Southeastern University's Tampa Bay Regional Campus, is a entry-level 3 ⅓ years (39 months) program that blends face-to-face and online teaching using multi-media and engaging teaching strategies. 

Ph.D. in Physical Therapy

Your goal is teaching or research - shaping the future of the P.T. profession. This rigorous Ph.D. program elevates your knowledge while providing online flexibility. Advance your career from anywhere in the world.

Physical Therapy Residency

Discover NSU's post-professional opportunities in Neurologic, Orthopedic, or Faculty Residency.

Continuing Education

NSU is proud to host a variety of P.T. certification programs, including the Manual Therapy Certification Program.

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Every NSU Physical Therapy faculty member is an experienced practitioner and educator — many are also conference speakers, prominent industry thought leaders and active participants in state, national and international organizations. Most importantly, our faculty are deeply invested in your success. NSU’s low staff-to-student ratio is strictly maintained so that you get more individualized attention and support throughout your program. That extra dedication is a big reason for our graduates’ high program satisfaction ratings and enthusiastic referrals.

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