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Past Dissertation Topics

Students in the Ph.D in Health Science program come with diverse research interests. Faculty in the health science program, as well as from other NSU programs, are matched with each student’s interest to produce high quality scholarly work. Below is a list of dissertations completed.

Name Year Title
Sherbert Samuels 2019

E-Cigarettes: Perceived Harm among Youth in the United States

Heather E. Williams 2019

The Integrative Molecular Pathological Epidemiology of Congenital and Infant Acute Leukemia

Concetta Triglia 2018

An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis: Exploring the Experiences of Eye Bank Coordinators When Approaching Familities of Decedents for Eye Donation

Dovison Kereri 2018

The Relationship Between the Affordable Care Act and Emergency Room Visits

Datis Kharrazian 2018

The Association between Immunological Reactivity with Tetrabromobisphenol-A and Autoimmune Target Sites of the Nervous System

John Saindon 2017

The War on Ebola: A Descriptive Case Study of an Ebola Response in Liberia

Timothy Gilmore 2017

An Evaluation of Various Inspiratory Times and Inflation Pressures During Airway Pressure Release Ventilation

Tabitha Price 2017

Faculty and Staff Perceptions of Interprofessional Education: A Comparative Survey of Dental and Health Science/Nursing Faculty and Staff

Gillian Sealy


Assessing Beliefs, Attitudes, and Perceived Risks of HIV as Predictors of HIV Testing Behavior Among Seniors in Coachella Valley, California

Susan Smith 2016

The Lived Experience of the Advanced Practice Provider on the Burn Surgery Service

Sara Knox 2016

Pneumonia Readmissions in Older Adults with Dementia

Wei Chao Chang 2015

The Impact of Preoperative Patient Profiles on Elective Open Intestinal Resection Outcomes

Christen Kutz 2014 CAG Repeat Length and Suicidality in Huntington's Disease
Jennifer Snyder 2014 Investigation of Physician Assistants' Choice of Rural or Underserved Practice and Framing Methods of Recruitment and Retention
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