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Occupational Therapy (Ph.D.)

Post-professional (Dr.OT and Ph.D.) Monthly Virtual Open House

Already a licensed Occupational Therapist and want to take your career to the next level?  Meet the occupational therapy post-professional program directors in our monthly online virtual open house. Ask questions about curriculum, get tips for fitting a doctoral program into your schedule, and learn how to engage in an online learning environment.

Register here to attend an upcoming virtual open house on the third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. (EST). 


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Already a licensed Occupational Therapist and want to take your career to the next level?  Receive more information or apply to one of NSU's post-professional occupational therapy programs using one of the options below.

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About Program

Seriously consider applying to our Ph.D. program if you would like to advance in your career as a leader, researcher and academician. With courses designed to fit your schedule, the program is aimed at the working professional who may not be able to relocate for full-time study. Our program is offered in a primarily online platform distance education format with some scheduled on-campus sessions. Students travel to the our beautiful main campus in South Florida once each semester for a long weekend of coursework. The rest of the semester's coursework is completed through online learning technology, asynchronous discussion postings, and live voice discussions. There is a one-week on-campus Summer Research Institute, a research residency requirement, and a qualifying process prior to starting your dissertation. You will visit us for an on-campus new student orientation and in-processing before the start of the first term to help prepare you for the program of studies. The Ph.D. program and curriculum includes OT core courses, multi-disciplinary core courses, electives, research residency, qualifying process, and completion of a dissertation study and report.

Please go to Admissions Requirements and Procedures to view our admissions information.


Courses Course Title Credit Hours
HPH 7300 Fundamentals of Biostatistics 3
HPH 7310 Statistical Inference 3
HPH 7400 Research Design (Quantitative) 3
HPH 7410 Research Methods (Qualitative) 3
HPH 7600 Grant Writing and Publication 3
OCT 7010 Theory Development for Models of Practice 3
OCT 7101 The Health Professional as Academic Educator 3
OCT 7104 Occupational Science 3
OCT 7302 Contextual Aspects of Occupational Performance 3
OCT 7420 Mixed Methods 3
OCT 7820 Applying Measurement Theory to Evaluation 3
OCT 7860 Leadership Development in Multiple Contents 3
OCT 7870 Dissertation Seminar 3
OCT 8945 Studies for the Qualifying Examination 1
OCT 8950 Research Residency 3
OCT 8970 Doctoral Dissertation 9
Electives Electives (Selected with graduate advisor approval to complement student’s research focus) 9
*Minimum of 61 credits to graduate

Please view our brochure for more information

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