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Dual-Degree Dr.O.T./ Ph.D. Program

Dual-Degree Post-Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy (Dr.O.T.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Program students must complete:

Courses Course Title Credit Hours
OCT 7010 Theory Development for Models of Practice 3
OCT 7300 Biostatistics I 3
OCT 7908 Practice Scholarship (Dr.OT Midsession required) 3
OCT 7860 Leadership Development in Multiple Contexts 3
OCT 7910 Capstone I 3
OCT 7301 Contexts of Occupation-Centered Practice 3
OCT 7920 Capstone II 3
OCT 7101 The Health Professional as Academic Educator 3
OCT 7410 Qualitative Research Design 3
OCT 7411 Quantitative Research Design 3
OCT 7890 Independent Study (Capstone Residency) (1-credit) 1
OCT 7850 Scholarly Writing for Publications and Grants 3
(*Confer Dr.OT Degree upon completion of the above-listed 34 credits) = 34
OCT 7104 Occupational Science 3
OCT 7420 Mixed Methods Research 3
OCT 7890 Independent Study 3
OCT 7310 Biostatistics II 3
OCT 7870 Dissertation Seminar 3
OCT 7820 Applying Measurement Theory to Evaluation 3
(Note: the courses above are required for the qualifying exam)
OCT 8945 Studies for the Qualifying Examination (1-credit) 1
OCT 8970 Doctoral Dissertation (9 Dissertation credits minimum) 9
(**Confer Ph.D. Degree upon completion of the above-listed minimum of 62 credits). = 28
TOTAL = 62**

Satisfactorily complete 34 credits for the Dr.OT program and 62 credits for the Ph.D. program (the 34 Dr.OT. level credits and the 28 Ph.D. level credits) within eight years from the first day of classes.

*Students who decide to stop at the Dr.OT degree (34 credits) and not continue on with the Ph.D. degree, will be required to advise the program director prior to enrolling in OCT 7920 Capstone II course.

Additional Information

Occupational Therapy Admissions Office:
Rebecca Johnson
(954) 262-1111 |

Note: A prospective student should consult the University catalog. Should any discrepancies exist between the catalog and this Web Page, the University catalog will be considered to be the official binding document.

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