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Alumni Association

Welcome Graduates!

We sincerely believe that the future of our program and its long-term health is largely dependent on the support of our graduates. We have a long legacy and want to continue the progress we have made, with your help. We also believe that it is our duty to facilitate long term relationships with and amongst our graduates forming a strong career and education network.

With that in mind...

The Occupational Therapy Program has chartered an alumni chapter and we would like to have your participation.

There is NO cost involved. As a graduate, you are a member and we hope you'll take an interest in the prosperity and success of the program....your program.

Please keep your address and contact information up-to-date so we can send you newsletters, program information, alumni updates, alumni reception dates and other news. You can do this online using our OT Alumni Update form.

If you would like to assist the program in planning alumni events, please contact . We'd like to have a relationship with as many alumni as possible.

Our Mission

  • To promote, strengthen, and support the Occupational Therapy profession
  • To provide and promote continuing medical education for local occupational therapists
  • To share the expertise, experiences and knowledge of colleagues
  • To maintain close contact with the alumni of the OT Program at NSU
  • To facilitate interaction and networking between alumni members
  • To support our alumni in career, profession and life
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