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Dual-Degree Post-Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy (Dr.O.T.) and Doctoral of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Program

About Program

The mission of the Dual-Degree Post-Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy (Dr.OT) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Program’s is to empower future leaders in occupational therapy through a continuous degree program, cultivating expertise in both the art of clinical practice and the science of research. We aim to produce graduates who seamlessly integrate the scholarship of practice with traditional research methodologies, enabling them to address practical needs, innovate solutions, and contribute substantively to the evidence base of occupational therapy. Through this unique blend, the Dual Degree Program aspires to advance the profession by producing trailblazers committed to elevating occupational therapy through continuous learning, evidence-driven practice, and impactful research.

This is a first of its kind program, requiring 62 credits and an additional semester and capstone project to the typical Ph.D. curriculum. The program develops graduates who will stand out as experts in both advancing practice and the knowledge base in occupational therapy. As expert pracademics, graduates will stand out as leaders who meet the needs of the every changing health care landscape as well as occupational therapy's shift to entry-level doctoral programming, all while tailored for the working professional's lifestyle:

Dual-Degree Dr.O.T./ Ph.D. Program

  • Total combined credits: 62
  • 34 credits completed in Dr.O.T. program
  • 28 credits completed in the Ph.D. program
  • Dr.O.T. degree awarded after completion of 34 credits, including OCT 7910 (Capstone I) and OCT 7920 (Capstone II), capstone residency (1 credit), and presentation
  • Ph.D. degree requires qualifying exam, dissertation, and dissertation defense
  • Transition from the Dr.O.T. degree portion to the Ph.D. portion requires recommendations from both the Dr.O.T. and Ph.D. program director
  • Both Dr.O.T. and Ph.D. courses taught through distance learning and required on-campus midsession events
  • During the Dr.O.T. portion, students are required to attend Capstone Consortium during on-campus midsession events
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