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Pre-OTD Track for OTAs

This educational opportunity is available to Occupational Therapy Assistants to earn a Bachelor in Health Science (B.H.Sc.) degree and upon completion of the Pre-OTD Track be guaranteed admission to the Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) Entry Level Program at Nova Southeastern University, Tampa, FL.

Classes for NSU's 3 ½-year, blended distance/face-to-face OTD program takes place at the NSU Tampa campus and online. The program, designed to attract creative and compassionate individuals who like to help others achieve their potential, meets the need for occupational therapy education beyond a Masters degree by students who want flexibility while performing their current occupations.

Pre-OTD Track Curriculum Requirements

Required General Education Courses NSU Course Coding
Written Composition 6 credits at or above COMP 1500
Mathematics 6 MATH credits at or above MATH 1040
Humanities 6 credits in any courses with a prefix of ARTS, FILM, HIST, HUMN, LITR, PHIL, SPAN, WRIT or any Foreign Language
Social and Behavioral Sciences 6 credits in Psychology - must include Intro/General Psychology (PSYC 1020), and 3 credits of upper division course work in Psychology
Natural and Physical Sciences 6 credits consisting of BIOL, MBIO, CHEM, ENVS, PHY
Subtotal Required General Education Courses 30 credits
Pre-O.T.D. Track Requirements (can also be used to fulfill natural and physical science requirements) NSU Course Coding
Biology with Lab 4 credits BIOL1500
Anatomy and Physiology 3 credits minimum BIOL 3312 or 3320
Physics with lab or Kinesiology 3 credits minimum PHYS 2350 or EXSC 3700
Medical Terminology BIOL 2600
Human Growth and Development or Developmental Psychology PSYC 2350
Required BHS Courses (minimum) NSU Course Coding
BHS 3110 Health Care Ethics BHS 3110
BHS 3120 Introduction to Epidemiology BHS 3120
BHS 3150 Principles of Leadership BHS 3150
BHS 3155 Conflict Resolution in Health Care BHS 3155
BHS 3160 Health Policy BHS 3160
BHS 4000 Cultural Competency in Health Care BHS 4000
BHS 4100 Academic and Professional Writing (must be taken during first semester of enrollment in program) BHS 4100
BHS 4031 Statistics for Health Sciences BHS 4031
BHS Electives minimum of 6 credits any course with BHS prefix other than required core courses listed above
Subtotal Required B.H.S. Courses 30
Open/Transfer Electives
Any combination of coursework consisting of additional BHS prefixed elective courses and/or transfer courses of any prefix with a course level of 1000 or above resulting in a total of 60 credits
Subtotal Open Electives/Transfer Elective Courses 60
**Many of the general education, pre-OTD track and open elective requirements may be fulfilled through prior OTA course work

B.H.Sc. Admissions Requirements for Pre-OTD Track

O.T.D. Admissions Requirements for B.H.Sc.- Occupational Therapy Assistants Applicants

The entry-level Doctor of Occupational Therapy (O.T.D.) Program selects students based on grade point average (GPA), Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores, a written essay, letters of recommendation, and an interview. These scores will be factored into the rubric that the department uses in evaluating applicant qualifications. Strong candidates will also demonstrate concern for people of diverse backgrounds, as well as the ability to use judgment, insight, and reasoning.

Upon successful completion of the B.H.Sc. degree, the above requirements, and an interview with the admissions team of the NSU Occupational Therapy Program, students will be offered a seat in the NSU Doctor of Occupational Therapy Hybrid Program at NSU's regional campus in Tampa, FL. (OTD). This interview will be scheduled after the completed application has been submitted.

For more information about admissions requirements for the entry-level Doctor of Occupational Therapy program, visit or email, or call 800-356-0026, ext. 21101 or Tampa: (813) 574-5278.