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Center for Academic and Professional Excellence Fellowship

CAPE Fellowship

The purpose of the CAPE Fellowship Program in the Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences (PCHCS) is to recognize superior professional achievement and encourage the ongoing pursuit of excellence and preeminence in the area of teaching and learning at Nova Southeastern University. By conferring fellowships, the college proclaims its pride in the accomplishments and personal dedication of its faculty. The honor is conferred upon faculty members who have achieved local, national, and/or international prominence and that have earned distinguished reputations through significant contributions in the areas of teaching and learning.

To be eligible for selection as a faculty fellow, a full-time faculty member who has at least three years of service in the PCHCS at NSU, and is an assistant professor, associate professor or a full professor who demonstrates evidence of the following:

  • Has a commitment to a career in higher education at NSU, and a strong drive to participate in reform efforts in the field
  • Has a desire to take advantage of opportunities for professional development and building academic cooperation and networks.
  • Is committed to the scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Has an exemplary experience as evidenced by continuing contract; criteria for scholarship/ teaching/ service, and a history of success in the classroom that goes well beyond excellent teaching ratings
  • Is recognized locally, nationally, and/or internationally for his/her outstanding work in academia
  • Has a strong desire to assist colleagues and is a mentor at all levels in teaching techniques and effective learning strategies
  • Has evidence of sustained achievement in academia
Calls for nominations for Faculty Fellows are issued by the Academic and Professional Excellence (CAPE) executive council to the faculty. Self-nominations are encouraged. To apply, a faculty member must complete a nomination form and supply verification of the following information to the CAPE fellowship committee to be considered:
  • Has an average of 3.5 or higher on student evaluations for 90% of courses taught over three years
  • Is a member of the PCHCS CAPE Academy
  • Has the endorsement of the Chair/Program Director of the faculty member's department
  • Has the permission of the Dean
  • Has one peer faculty letter of recommendation
  • Has copy of his/her most recent curriculum vitae and current e-portfolio (Digital Measures)
  • Has a short (1-2 page) statement (no more than 500 words, double-spaced, and 12 font Times Roman) explaining: (1) what he/she would like to do to promote the scholarship on campus and/or online; and (2) what innovation through scholarly endeavor and/or research the applicant will pursue.
  • Evidence of sustained achievement in teaching as noted in the selection criteria Fellowship Guideline

Final candidates are evaluated by the CAPE Fellowship and Awards Committee, which then forwards its recommendations to the CAPE Executive Council. The Executive Council then votes on the candidates.  Selected candidates are then put to the full Academy membership for a vote of approval. Fellowship bestowal is granted by an affirmative vote of the majority of the members.

A CAPE Fellowship appointment is for three years with renewal every three years. Renewal applications are reviewed by the members of the CAPE Executive Council, whose majority decision for renewal is final.

At the initial appointment, fellows may apply for an innovation award of $5000. This scholarly endeavor award will consist of $1000 stipend and $4000 innovation award to be used over three years. Upon completion of three-year innovation award, Fellows have the ability to apply to become Distinguished Fellow based on the quality and level of dissemination of their research work.

Generally, fellowship candidates should demonstrate:

Leadership Experience and Potential—Applicant demonstrates (in academic, work, volunteer or other settings) the ability to influence and align others towards effective teaching and learning goals, and to effectively bridge the public, private and academic arenas.

  • Applied Focus—Scientific, technical, analytical and/or policy study is geared towards applied results; ability to relate detailed knowledge in a broader context
  • Innovative, Creative approaches—demonstrates new or different perspective to his or her field of study.
  • Career Goals and Commitment—Commitment to aggressively pursue and implement effective solutions to improve the quality of the traditional or "flipped" academic classroom; clarity of career goals and realistic vision.
  • Communication and Critical Thinking—demonstrates clear communication and problem-solving abilities; ability to translate theoretical concepts into practice; ability to communicate effectively in writing and orally.
  • Prior work and/or volunteer experience- demonstrates involvement in organizing groups or implementing programs; experience in positions of responsibility.

The selection of Fellows is a highly selective process based on merit. Candidates provide evidence of both exceptional teaching and outstanding scholarship-related teaching and learning (research, peer-reviewed presentations, peer-reviewed publications, grants) and are also evaluated for their potential to be highly productive mentors to junior faculty. The academy will consider a broad range of criteria in its decision-making including the utilization of Ernest Boyer's scholarship of teaching.

Specifically, candidates should demonstrate:

  • A consistent track record of significant academic accomplishments in scholarship
  • A commitment to advance and promote the CAPE mission
  • Interest in developing new teaching strategies to be shared with other colleagues in the college
  • Demonstrated interest in innovations in pedagogy, and evidence of sound evaluation strategies for measurable outcomes for effective student learning
  • Evidence of sustained achievement in teaching, which means that the candidate's teaching has been recognized in an appropriate professional manner. (Examples include teaching evaluations; teaching awards; contributions to departmental or school curriculum development; presentation of one's teaching innovations at national conferences; publications or funded research on effective teaching methodologies)
  • An understanding of the criteria used in evaluating all aspects of the potential for success of the fellowship candidate


  • Maintain an agenda and create products related to the CAPE Academy
  • A minimum of two peer reviewed publications within past three years  with extra points for additional publications
  • Presentations yearly at peer reviewed professional conferences
  • Completion of a scholarly endeavor and/or an approved research project required by the fellowship in allotted three years


  • Maintain Evidence of exemplary teaching, i.e. performance reviews, peer review evaluation, and student course evaluations
  • Consistent performance on teaching evaluations with an average of 3.5 or higher on student evaluations for 90% of courses taught over three years
  • Favorable department evaluation
  • Engage in service learning projects with students to help students achieve their academic goals
  • Participate in lectures across inter-disciplinary topics
  • Involvement in CAPE by teaching a course module and presentation in the best practice series


  • To PCHCS in form of yearly presentations/workshops to faculty
    • Participate or provide workshops or symposia for faculty and student development
  • Involvement in two CAPE Academy activities in the past two years.
    • Hold office on Cape Executive Council
    • Lead Cape workshop
    • Serve on a CAPE council committee
  • Participate in faculty mentoring
    • Act as a consultant to faculty
    • Featured on CAPE website with biography and areas of expertise within CAPE
    • Participate in CAPE course as a collaborator or consultant within the modules as appropriate
  • Provide faculty advice with their discipline
  • Be active with in a professional organization
  • Assist with community education in health awareness and participation at health fairs
  • Grow through the abundant opportunities for professional development, building academic cooperation and networking within the college fostering citizenship
  • Be active in student activities or student government.
  • Deadline for Nominees to Submit Complete Portfolio: September 15
  • Executive Council Review: October 15
  • CAPE Members Review: November 15
  • Nominees will be notified: December 15
  • CAPE Fellowship Begins: January 15

Please complete the Nomination Form and combine with all supporting documentation into one PDF form. Submit the PDF to Lonette Spence at for consideration.

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