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About CAPE

The Nova Southeastern University Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences' Center for Academic and Professional Excellence is comprised of four different Academies, including the Teaching and Learning Academy, the Leadership and Management Academy, the Research Academy, and the Academy for Career Enrichment. The purpose of the Academies is to promote excellence and exemplary practice in academic life by providing advanced courses, online resources and opportunities for mentorship. Some of the resources are also available to the public, in order to support ongoing professional development among various professional groups in academic and health related settings. Each Academy’s main course lasts 6 -10 weeks and is available on an annual basis. They are comprised of various topical modules in a designated sequence. The modules are taught by a wide variety of content experts, including attorneys, therapists, educators and researchers.


Successful completion of an Academy course automatically makes a graduate a member of that particular Academy. It also presents an opportunity for Fellowship, with additional evidence of scholarship and leadership. Other benefits include an opportunity to serve on the Academy Executive Council to further advance the Academies and provide input for the ongoing activities. All Academy graduates will be provided an opportunity to present their information in a local forum, as well as other conferences as desired. Mentoring activities of newer faculty is an expectation of all graduates as well. In addition, connections with larger associations and opportunities to serve on other Boards are present, with growing recognition of The Center for Academic Excellence. Graduates are recognized by their peers as having taken additional steps in their professional development trajectory.


Applications are accepted at any time for all of the Academy's courses. Announcements are also provided to the Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences (PCHCS) faculty at the same time. Eligibility is based on supervisor recommendation and approval, personal desire, and/or need for additional expertise in any of the areas. Certain faculty circumstances present priorities for the Academies. For example, newer faculty members are encouraged to attend the Teaching and Learning Academy, and faculty members who are new to administrative positions are encouraged to attend the Leadership and Management Academy. There are typically 15 openings for each Academy advanced course. Final selections are made by the advanced course leaders and the CAPE Admissions Committee.

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