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Executive Council and Committees

Members Academy Department Office email
Brianna Black Kent CAPE Professional Development and Education – Main Assistant Dean of Professional Development and Education, Administrative Liaison
Jennifer Bencsik RA CS – Palm Beach Executive Council Chair Email
Melissa Lazinski TLA PT – Tampa Executive Council Co-Chair
Alicia Fernandez-Fernandez TLA PT – Main Executive Council Secretary
Rose Colon TLA HS – Main Admissions and Outcomes Committee Chair Email
Jacqueline Reese-Walter TLA OT – Main Programming Committee Chair
Lonette Spence TLA MS – Main Fellowship & Awards Committee Chair 
Nicole Quint LMA OT – Main Development Committee Chair
Sam Cheng RA PT – Main
Sonia Kay TLA/Hybrid OT – Main
Robert McCalla CAPE PDE – Main
John Rafalko TLA PA – Main
Heather Saifman TLA/LMA NSG – Main  
Xiomara Santiago ACE AA – Main  
Lisa Soontupe LMA NSG – Main  
Peter Taylor CAPE Dean's Office – Main  
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