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Membership Levels

Level 1 – Complete one Academy course but is not inducted into CAPE. CAPE membership allows the participant to serve on a committee, take additional courses, and assist with an academy course vote

Level 2 – Completed two courses from all course choices. Inducted into the CAPE Academy, which allows the participant to teach a CAPE course, vote, serve as an officer or member of the executive council and be committee chair or member.

Level 3 – Shows additional evidence of professional development activity, beyond Academy induction. This involvement will lead to qualifying for the Level 4 Fellowship. The Fellowship Committee will assess participation.

Professional development activities include:

  • Journal Club leadership ( 3x  minimum)
  • Workshop, seminar, or presentation on Academy related topic
  • Executive Council committee work
  • Executive Council office
  • Publication on Academy related topic since induction
  • Training of other faculty in Academy related topic (3 hour minimum)
  • Teaching in an Academy Course
  • Best Practices leadership
  • Course development for an Academy
  • State or national presentation on an Academy related topic
  • Other Council approved activity
Level 4 – Fellowship. A candidate must complete membership levels one to three to be considered for a fellowship.

Level 1 – Completed either Tier 1 or Tier 2 Class

Level 2 – Completed both Tier 1 and Tier 2 classes (taken within two years). Induction into the ACE Academy

Level 3 - Eligible for an ACE Fellowship

Both Tier Classes, plus 2 of the following 4 criteria within one academic year, following course completion

  • Involved in a formal mentor/mentee relationship with a faculty graduate of CAPE
  • Assist with instruction in an ACE course
  • Engage in service (community or university), integrating knowledge from ACE (minimum of 5 hours in one semester)
  • Complete a minimum of two other NSU training courses (IZONE, HR etc.)
  • An award of $250.00, following the completion of an application, stipulating the following:
    • Benefit of professional development activities that you have been engaged in
    • Plan for integrating the knowledge in new ways
    • Evidence of positive outcomes in your department as a result of your new knowledge
    • Professional goals
  • A Fellow will be limited to one submission within a five-year period. Multiple submissions from any single individual must include updated professional goals and evidence of the implementation of a new professional development initiative.
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