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About CAPE



The Nova Southeastern University Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences' Center for Academic and Professional Excellence (CAPE) promotes excellence in the academic lives of its faculty members and the professional lives of its administrative staff by offering advanced courses, resources, and mentorship under four is comprised of four different Academies:

The course is delivered online primarily through Canvas. It offers interactive teaching and learning experiences including discussions and weekly assignments. Each course culminates with participant presentations. An annual induction ceremony into CAPE is held for all graduates.


To encourage, enlighten, and experience professional growth through participation in continuing education and structured programs, as well as the use of evidence-based resources.


To be preeminent in the provision of leadership/management, teaching, and research training and support for staff and faculty members, as well as general professional development opportunities for clinicians, colleagues, and the community.


Faculty and staff who successfully complete an Academy course automatically become an Academy member. Academy members are eligible for leadership opportunities within CAPE, such as serving on the Academy Executive Council. The Executive Council contributes to the advancement of the Academies and provides guidance on ongoing and future activities. An expectation of all Academy members is the mentoring activities of newer faculty and staff.

Academy members will have an opportunity to present their information in a local forum, as well as other conferences as desired. Connections with larger associations and opportunities to serve on other Boards are present. Academy members are recognized by their peers as having taken additional steps in their professional development trajectory. The CAPE Fellowship (please hyperlink to the fellowship webpage) offers eligible Academy members additional opportunities in teaching and scholarship. Click on the link for the CAPE Fellowship eligibility criteria.


Contact Information

Robert McCalla, MSL

Professional Development Manager
Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences
Phone: 954-262-1378

  • Fall 2023: The Blended Learning Institute course for Faculty
  • Fall 2023: The Leadership and Management course for Faculty
  • Fall 2023: Engaging in Interprofessional Education (IPE) course
  • Winter 2024: Conflict Prevention and Management course for Faculty
  • Winter 2024: The Art and Science of Teaching and Learning course for Faculty
  • Summer 2024: The Academy for Career Enrichment (ACE) course for Staff
Executive Council Members
Members Academy Department Office email
Brianna Black Kent CAPE Professional Development and Education – Main Assistant Dean of Professional Development and Education, Administrative Liaison email
Jennifer Bencsik RA CS – Palm Beach Executive Council Chair Email
Melissa Lazinski TLA PT – Tampa Executive Council Co-Chair email
Alicia Fernandez-Fernandez TLA PT – Main Executive Council Secretary email
Rose Colon TLA HS – Main Admissions and Outcomes Committee Chair Email
Lonette Spence TLA MS – Main Fellowship & Awards Committee Chair 
Nicole Quint LMA OT – Main Development Committee Chair
Sam Cheng RA PT – Main
Robert McCalla CAPE PDE – Main
John Rafalko TLA PA – Main email
Heather Saifman TLA/LMA NSG – Main   email
Lisa Soontupe LMA NSG – Main   email
Peter Taylor CAPE Dean's Office – Main   email
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