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Level 1 – Complete one Academy course but is not inducted into CAPE. CAPE membership allows the participant to serve on a committee, take additional courses, and assist with an academy course vote

Level 2 – Completed two courses from all course choices. Inducted into the CAPE Academy, which allows the participant to teach a CAPE course, vote, serve as an officer or member of the executive council and be a committee chair or member.

Level 3 – Shows additional evidence of professional development activity, beyond Academy induction. This involvement will lead to qualifying for the Level 4 Fellowship. The Fellowship Committee will assess participation.

Professional development activities include:

  • Journal Club leadership ( 3x  minimum)
  • Workshop, seminar, or presentation on Academy related topic
  • Executive Council committee work
  • Executive Council office
  • Publication on Academy related topic since induction
  • Training of other faculty in Academy related topic (3-hour minimum)
  • Teaching in an Academy Course
  • Best Practices leadership
  • Course development for an Academy
  • State or national presentation on an Academy related topic
  • Other Council approved activity
Level 4 – Fellowship. A candidate must complete membership levels one to three to be considered for a fellowship.

Level 1 – Completed either Tier 1 or Tier 2 Class

Level 2 – Completed both Tier 1 and Tier 2 classes (taken within two years). Induction into the ACE Academy

Level 3 - Eligible for an ACE Fellowship

Both Tier Classes, plus 2 of the following 4 criteria within one academic year, following course completion

  • Involved in a formal mentor/mentee relationship with a faculty graduate of CAPE
  • Assist with instruction in an ACE course
  • Engage in service (community or university), integrating knowledge from ACE (minimum of 5 hours in one semester)
  • Complete a minimum of two other NSU training courses (IZONE, HR etc.)
CAPE Members
Teaching &learning Leadership & management research blended learning conflict prevention ace
Richard Mudd, Anesthesiology Assistant, 2019 Paula Lowery, Occupational Therapy, 2020 Randy De Kler, 2020 Susan Holland, Nursing, 2020 Lisa Farach, Cadiopulmonary Sciences, 2020 Levon Kirakosyan, Occupational Therapy, 2019, Tier 1&2
Joy Moulton, Physical Therapy, 2019

Jose Antonio, Exercise and Sports Management, 2020

Sarah Mbiza, Occupational Therapy, 2020 Sabella Kachwalla, Anesthesiologist Assistant, 2020 Sarah Mbiza, Occupational Therapy, 2020 Sonica Jean-Mary, Occupational Therapy, 2019, Tier 1&2
Megan Kim, PT Faculty Resident, 2019 Diana Cherkiss, Physician Assistant, 2020 Adam Wood, Physical Assistant, 2020 Lisa Farach, Cardiopulmonary Sciences, 2020 Rick Davenport, Occupational Therapy, 2020 Jessica Bermudez, Physician Assistant, 2019, Tier 1&2
Derek Jackson, Physician Assistant, 2019 Megan Kim, PT Resident, 2020 Hal Strough, Dean's Office, 2020 Amerih Husny, Occupational Therapy, 2020 Daniel Deas, Dean's Office, 2018, Tier 2
Brad Ingrao, Audiology, 2019 Stephani Fullerton, PT Resident, 2020 Megan Colas, Athletic Training, 2020 Rebecca Estes, Occupational Therapy, 2020 Laurene Bowe, Occupational Therapy, 2018, Tier 1&2
Gary Gomez, Anesthesiology Assistant, 2019 Ricardo Carrasco, Occupational Therapy, 2020 Megan Kim, PT Resident, 2020 Kim Yetman, Occupational Therapy, 2020 Brian Montero, Health Sciences, 2018, Tier 1&2
Stephanie Fullerton, PT Faculty Resident, 2019 Rick Davenport, Occupational Therapy, 2020 Stephanie Fullerton, PT Resident, 2020 Steven Vertz, Speech-Language Pathology, 2020 Deidra Love-Ross, Medical Sonography, 2018, Tier 1&2
Jonathan May, Student Affairs, 2018 Amerih Husny, Occupational Therapy, 2020 Megan Finck, Physical Therapy, 2020 Sabena Kachwalla, Anesthesiologist Assistant, 2020 Diane Gaston, Speech-Language Pathology, 2018, Tier 1&2
Rose Mc-Calla-Henry, Medical Sonography, 2018 Rebecca Estes, Occupational Therapy, 2020 Hugh Rappa, Physical Therapy, 2020 Megan Kim, PT Resident, 2020
Stacy Laack, Physician Assistant, 2018 Mariana D'Amico, Occupational Therapy, 2020 Stephanie Fullerton, PT Resident, 2020
Kelly King, Cardiopulmonary Sciences, 2018
Ana Andrea Hodgen, Medical Sonography, 2018
Jonathan Kaplan, Physical Therapy, 2018

For previous years' members, please contact:

Robert McCalla
Professional Development Manager
Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences
Phone: 954-262-1378

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