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Research Academy


The Research Academy is designed to help faculty further develop and improve their skills in conducting research and writing grants. The Academy supports faculty who are teaching evidence-based practice, or are new to academia, by exposing them to activities and resources that are currently available. Through innovative online teaching and learning opportunities as well as workshops and web-based resources, the Research Academy offers several different resources to enhance skills.


To enable faculty members to further develop their skills in evaluating and conducting research, as well as to participate in grant-related activities.


Both courses offer faculty members the tools for teaching evidence-based content, exposing them to various methodologies as well as preparing them for grant submissions.


Contact Information

Robert McCalla, MSL
Professional Development Manager
Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences
Phone: 954-262-1378

This track will help faculty who are teaching clinical content to gain skills and enhance appreciation of evidence-based practice resources and strategies to implement and teach evidence-based practice in their respective disciplines. Learning module topics include appraising evidence and incorporating evidence-based practice into clinical course teaching.


  • Describe basic research methodology and statistical analyses pertaining to evidence-based practice.
  • Discuss the evolution of the evidence-based practice movement
  • Use established processes to ask and answer a clinical question
  • Discuss the published scales on analyzing articles
  • Explore some of the best databases for finding discipline-specific evidence
  • Critique intervention, diagnostic, prognostic, systematic review, clinical practice guidelines, outcome measures, and qualitative studies

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The Step Into Research course will assist faculty who have minimal research experience or research education, to acquire introductory-level knowledge about research design, methods, concepts, and internal funding. This course will provide participants with the basic skills necessary to design a research study, submit for internal grant funding, and execute and complete a study.


  • Identify a research topic of interest
  • Formulate (an) answerable and feasible research question(s)
  • Explain basic research designs, methodologies, and analyses
  • Discuss NSU internal funding opportunities and procedures
  • Interpret the NSU IRB process
  • Exemplify research ethics
  • Communicate a research idea in writing and in an oral presentation

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