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Teaching and Learning Academy


The Teaching and Learning Academy includes high quality, innovative programs that are designed in collaboration with the HPD Center for Teaching and Learning. The Academy is committed to teaching excellence in all programs in the college.


The Teaching and Learning Academy develops a tradition of teaching distinction that is grounded in sound pedagogical and andragogical principles supported by ongoing courses, seminars, online resources, and workshops. The effective scholarship of teaching and learning is one of the highest goals within the college.


  1. Support faculty to effectively integrate adult learning theories and learning activities that align with course objectives and promote student engagement in didactic and clinical settings.
  2. Support faculty to gain competency with blended learning instructional, technological, and assessment strategies.
  3. Support faculty to successfully transition traditionally formatted courses into blended learning environments that are student-centered and promote academic excellence.

The Academy includes two courses:

  • The Art and Science of Teaching and Learning
  • Blended Learning Institute

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Contact Information

Robert McCalla, MSL

Professional Development Manager
Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences
Phone: 954-262-1378

The Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences Teaching and Learning Academy offers The Art and Science of Teaching and Learning Course. It is a program of four modules over 10 weeks that are taught in an online format. The culmination of the course involves participants presenting their work before instructors and audience of their peers. The following is a general outline of the Art and Science of Teaching and Learning Course Modules.


  • Compare and contrast the conceptualization of learning through a variety of learning theories.

  • Identify the role of the student and instructor in various learning theories.

  • Incorporate appropriate learning domains and taxonomies of learning into curricular design, instructional methods, and strategies.

  • Incorporate a variety of teaching and learning styles that are aligned with course objectives.

  • Recognize the impact of timing, location, level of questioning, and type of feedback on student learning.

  • Evaluate student learning using appropriate assessment methods that are aligned with instructional methodologies.

  • Design, implement, and evaluate grading scales to be used for various assessment methods.

  • Assess learning outcomes, curriculum, and/or assessment practices using a variety of sources (ie. self-reflection, student feedback, peer evaluation).

  • Compare and contrast instructional delivery methods, approaches and settings, assessment skills, and the effective use of technology in the classroom.

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The Blended Learning Transformation Institute provides a structured opportunity for faculty to acquire the skills to transform a course from traditional to blended learning format under the direction of seasoned blended learning instructors. The course is delivered in a format that allows participants to become immersed in a blended learning classroom. Upon completion of the course, participants will have created a blended learning course re-design plan for a course including learning and teaching strategies and student assessment that align with course objectives.


  • Apply the Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework to the design of a blended course.
  • Incorporate blended learning best practices into the design of a blended course, including:
    • Blending online and F2F experiences for one integrated course
    • Restructuring class time into OL and F2F without overloading the course
    • Designing learning experiences based on learning objectives
    • Creating social, teaching, and cognitive presence in the blended course
  • Select and design appropriate interactive tools for the blended course including games, cases, videos, discussions, and lectures
  • Select and implement appropriate student assessments that align with learning objectives

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