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Teaching and Learning Academy

Becoming a Member

To become a member of the CHCSTLA completion of the Art and Science of Teaching and Learning Course is required. Currently the course is offered annually during the fall semester. Applications are due by Aug 16th for the 2013 fall course offering. Please see the link on this page to complete and submit your application.

The Art and Science of Teaching and Learning Course

The CHCSTLA offers a program of four modules that are taught in an online/on campus format. The on campus component occurs twice a year; once at the beginning and once at the end of the 16 week course. The culmination of the course involves participants presenting their work before a selected instructor and audience. The following is a general outline of the Art and Science of Teaching and Learning Course Modules.

This 3-week module is the beginning module of the Teaching and Learning Academy and it introduces learners to the fundamental responsibilities required by a faculty member who is engaged in active teaching and learning in the College of Health Care Sciences. It is organized into a series of topics that will be covered in three weeks. There may be readings, videos, audio, documents, text readings, and discussions for the module. Materials will be posted on Blackboard.
This 4-week module of instruction provides an opportunity for professors from disciplines in the health development profession to learn and share ideas toward extending and improving the curriculum and instructional strategies leading toward successful colleges teaching. This module is designed to allow a student to explore successful teaching and learning in an online format with online chats and visual presentations on power point, video, etc. The course readings, discussions, and activities will provide practical and innovative ways to enhance teaching effectiveness and assist with responding to the needs of today's academic student and career outcomes.
In this 4-week module, the many purposes for assessing learners are discussed, as well as the effective uses of tools for assessing learning. The module also explores the development of assessments that may reduce problems of cheating or plagiarism that are often associated with students working at a distance.
This final 4-week module presents information that supports the appropriate use of instructional technology to promote learning theories, research, and applications. Best-practices for distance education are also presented. Software for on-campus and on-line instruction is presented and used.

Target Audience

The target audience for CHCSTLA programming is all interested faculty members in the CHCS. Specifically, the teaching modules target:

  • New faculty with minimal or no teaching experience
  • Experienced faculty who are desirous of improving their teaching skills
  • Adjunct faculty
  • Clinical faculty
  • Lab instructors
  • Selected clinical affiliates with an interest of one day entering the teaching arena

The CHCSTLA considers support of such individuals as being central to the accomplishment of the college's instructional mission.

Application Requirements

At this time, applicants must be members of the CHCS and be granted approval from the supervisor to attend the course.

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