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Teaching and Learning Academy

Blended Learning Transformation Institute

Course Description

Blended learning has been defined as the "thoughtful fusion" of face-to-face and online learning because it represents a carefully constructed blend of online and face-to-face educational experiences. Blended learning has gained recent interest in health professions education because it increases flexibility for adult learners, fosters active learning strategies, and supports both cognitive and psychomotor skill development; however, blended teaching requires a distinct skill set for faculty.

The Blended Learning Transformation Institute (BLTI) is a component of the Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences’ Teaching and Learning Academy. It provides a structured opportunity for faculty to acquire the skills to transform a course from traditional to blended learning under the direction of seasoned blended learning instructors. The BLTI is delivered in a format that allows participants to become immersed in a blended learning classroom.

The BLTI incorporates 4 units: A) Frameworks for Blended Learning, B) Course Re-Design, C) Teaching and Learning Strategies and Tools, and D) Student Assessment and Course Evaluation. Upon completion of the program, participants will have created a Blended Learning Course Re-design Plan for a single course including instructional strategies and student assessment for each course objective.

Institute Details

WHO should participate?

The BLTI has been specifically designed for faculty who want to transform a traditional class to blended learning and prefer to do so with guidance and support. Even those who have taught in blended learning programs may want to "redesign" their courses.

WHAT is the intended outcome?

Upon completion of the 10 weeks, participants will have re-designed a course under the guidance of experienced blended learning instructors and a curriculum design specialist. In doing so, participants will have the confidence, skills, and knowledge to transform any course using sound teaching and learning principles.

HOW will the program be delivered?

The BLTI will be delivered in a blended learning format in order to role model the techniques of blended learning instruction and the Community of Inquiry Framework incorporating Social, Instructor, and Cognitive Presence.

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