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Teaching and Learning Academy

About the Academy

Why are we here?

The fostering of intellectual growth of faculty is embodied in the skill of teaching and is considered of high priority at Nova Southeastern University. Importantly, the university's mission is to be engaged in "…fostering intellectual inquiry, leadership, and commitment to community through engagement of students and faculty members in a dynamic, life-long learning environment." The Office of the Dean in the Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences in concert with the primacy of that directive also considers teaching as one of the integral building blocks in graduating the best and brightest from among all programs in the college.

Our vision is to create a thriving learning community for all faculty so that they can significantly influence student learning and success. Essentially, the Teaching and Learning Academy's goal is to expand the cadre of confident, creative teachers who engage students across all programs. To this end, PCHCS professors will consistently rank among the university's best.

What do we offer?

The scholarship of Teaching and Learning remains one of the highest priorities in the college, the goal therefore is to develop a tradition of teaching distinction that is grounded in effective pedagogical principles. To reflect this core value, the Teaching and Learning Academy was established with a charge to offer faculty development programs and resources that promote faculty excellence in the classroom and establishes a faculty learning community across the disciplines. The Teaching and Learning Academy currently offers one comprehensive course: The Art and Science of Teaching and Learning. Planning is in progress for future offerings to include:

  • Expanded programming such as teaching modules, workshops, seminars open to the general faculty population
  • Hosting teaching circles, and discussions
  • Provide resources related to educating all faculty in effective teaching techniques
  • Promote a one-on-one mentoring program, pairing seasoned senior faculty with junior faculty
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