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Current Events Professional DPT - Fort Lauderdale

DPT Students Participate in Medical Outreach in Jamaica

The Fort Lauderdale NSU DPT students and faculty had the opportunity to attend a medical outreach trip to Jamaica in December of 2019. There, the team collaborated with DO, OT, cardiologists, optometrists, and volunteers to provide members of the Jamaican community with pro-bono services. Sites on the trip included Flankers, Somerset, Lilliput, and Adelphi. In total, the group was able to see over 100 patients free of charge and provide supplies to many people including assistive devices, biofreeze, theraband, and of course therapeutic exercise sheets. The team looks forward to many more missions in the future. Check out this student made video highlighting the experience:

Jamaica Medical Outreach Video 2019

NSU DPT Students Participate in Miles for Smiles Event in Broward County

Each year the College of Health Care Sciences Pediatrics Club has the opportunity to Volunteer for the "Kids Committee" at the Miles for Smiles fundraising event for the Broward Children's Center. This fundraiser supports the children and young adults who live in the BCC group homes because they require 24 hour nursing care. Broward Children's Center is is strong clinical partner of Nova Southeastern University's physical therapy programs and is committed to providing quality health care to the children and families of the Broward County community in addition to extending learning opportunities to students in the College of Health Care Sciences. This year the club had 25 students volunteer to push a child for the event and we hope to see this number continue to grow at next years Miles for Smiles Walk With Courage. Thank you Broward Children's Center for your commitment to challenging the standards of our health care community and to all of those who donated and participated in this years event!

NSU DPT Students Participate in Fall Screenings for the Global PT Day of Service

NSU DPT students participated in balance screenings for older adults on October 23, 2019 for the Global Day of PT service. This initiative was in collaboration with NSU's Life Long Learning Institute (LLI) which serves lifelong learning passions of retired adults. The LLI has been in existence since 1977 and is a division of the College of Osteopathic Medicine. To learn more about the Global PT Day of Service visit For more information on the NSU LLI visit

Academic Year 2019-2020 Student Government Leaders

A big thank you to all our student government leaders who serve as elected officers for their class.

Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences and Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing Collaborate on an Interprofessional Simulation Experience

Students from the Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and the Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program collaborated in an interprofessional simulation experience. The learning objectives of the experience centered around interprofessional teamwork and communication. Small groups of students provided care to a simulated patient in the acute care setting. During this collaboration, students gained knowledge in their own ability to provide safe and efficient care as well as participating as an active member of the health care team. Each small group debriefed following the patient encounter and a large group debrief was held at the end focusing on interprofessional teamwork and communication. Student commented “I think the scenarios were well done and helped with the interactions between the different health professions”; “I appreciated the inter- professionalism and working together towards a common goal”; “It was a great opportunity to assess the importance in collaboration with physical therapist and nurses and gauge our skills when working as a team.”

NSU Hosts the 2nd Annual Interprofessional Mobility Fair

Mobility Fair is an annual health screening event organized with the intention to serve the community dwelling individuals with amputation. Every year NSU Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy department partners with Hanger Clinic & Concorde college of Occupational Therapy Assistant to organize this event. Many individuals with amputation living in South Florida benefit from this free health screening made available to them at this event every year. Mobility Fair involves screening of residual limb, balance & gait, prosthesis screening, use of adaptive equipment, recreational therapy & support group networking. Participants of this event also gets to explore various advanced prosthetic technology & learn about different resources available for them in the community. For more information click the link below.

Mobility Fair Information

DPT Fort Lauderdale Class of 2022 welcomed at 2019 White Coat Ceremony

NSU DPT Fort Lauderdale program held their 16th annual White Coat Ceremony on July 16, 2019. The new incoming class of 2022 (pictured) received their white coats from their mentors signifying their official induction as a student physical therapist. Highest Academic Achievement award recipients were Kyle Ashworth and Tyler Dolan for the class of 2021 and Nicholas Frears for the class of 2020. The Service to the Community and Profession award went to Nicole Linden for the class of 2021 and Maya Betz-Otero, Nicholas Frears, and Sydney Renaud for the class of 2020. The Altruism award was presented to Carly Jones for the class of 2021 and Keelan Mullins-Zugelder and Eric Moogerfeld for the class of 2020.

DPT Students Jaclyn Stermer and Bryan Sterling Present Research at NSCA Conference in Washington DC

Congratulations to Jaclyn Stermer and Bryan Sterling, 3rd year students in the professional DPT program. Jaclyn and Bryan, under the direction of their faculty advisor, Dr. Morey Kolber, presented their research capstone study entitled THE EFFECT OF COMBINED STEM CELL AND PLATELET RICH PLASMA ON PAIN, FUNCTION, AND PERCEIVED CHANGE AMONG INDIVIDUALS WITH KNEE OSTEOARTHRITIS at the 2019 National Strength and Conditioning Association, National Conference in Washington DC.

Annual Interprofessional Orientation Scavenger Hunt Winners!

This year a team of 3 OT students (Lacy Rohr, Alicia Siciliano, Alex Carney) and 2 PT students (Danny Kim, Kevin Hohmann) were the winners of the Annual Interprofessional Orientation Scavenger hunt. Each group member from"Team Kevin's Birthday" took home a swag-bag filled with useful goodies. Congratulations team!

Congrats to our Class of 2019 Research Capstone Groups

**Fitness Outcome Measures of a Community Wellness Program for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder- Faculty Advisor: Melissa Tovin; Students: Brittany Inerfeld, Jenna Rosenfield, Regina Reda, Ian Carroll, Autumn Bland, Stephanie O'Leary ** **Neurological Boot Camp: Longitudinal Study of Learning Effect/ Transfer of Knowledge from Classroom to Clinic- poster presentation at ELC Jacksonville in Oct 2019; Faculty Advisor: Leah Nof, Debbie Stern, Alicia Fernandez; Students: Kevin Troung ** **The Reliability and MDC for Common LE Muscle Length Tests- Faculty Advisor: Kelby Kalpan and Ovi Olivencia; Students: Justin Dages, Courtney Duda, Gina Godinez ** **(Examining ICF Related Factors to Address Obesity and Physical Activity Among High School Adolescents From Medically Underserved Populations (MUP)- Presented poster at CSM 2019 in Washington DC-Faculty Advisor: Annabel Nunez Gaunaurd; Students: Sara Chinoy, Brendan Bak, Jay Chan, Cody Richardson, Jillian Szymanowski, Ashley Wilson** **The Influence of Weightlifting Gloves on Functional Lifting Performance: A Preliminary Study- presented at NSCA conference in Indianapolis in July 2018 - Faculty Advisor: Morey Kolber; Students: Emily Passint, Mike Marquis, Dominic Mascia** **Barriers to vestibular rehabilitation therapy adherence among individuals with vestibular dysfunction – A systematic review-Faculty Advisor: Shilpa Gaikwad; Students: Morgan Goodwin, Courtney Cave** **Untitled- Faculty Advisor: Peter Sprague; Students: Eric Sveinsson, Michael Jones, Lanell Ty Culver**

PDPT students participate in 12 week program to help young autistic kids through life

One in fifty nine children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in the US, and according to a recent study, 500,000 teens with autism spectrum disorder will transition to adulthood over the next decade. The "Fit for Friends, for Life!" program, started by Dr. Melissa Tovin in 2014, was designed to support young adults in Broward County as they make this difficult transition. The program aims to increase physical activity and social interaction for participants with autism between the ages of 18 and 30 years old, while also providing a learning experience for NSU health professions students.

Watch the story featured on Local 10 News

DPT Class of 2019 student Ashley Wilson awarded the APTA Minority Scholarship

Congratulations to NSU DPT class of 2019 student Ashley Wilson who was awarded the 2019 APTA Minority Scholarship. This is an annual award offered to minority physical therapist students by the Physical Therapy Fund. The Minority Scholarship Award recognizes physical therapy students currently in their final year of an accredited program, and faculty members who are pursuing post professional doctoral degrees for their professional character and academic excellence. These awards are sponsored by the Minority Scholarship Fund and voluntary contributions. Visit the link below to learn more about the APTA Minority Scholarship Award.


NSU DPT Hosts APTA National Advocacy Dinner

NSU was a first time host site for the APTA National Advocacy Dinner on March 29, 2019. The National Advocacy Dinner is a chance for DPT students to network and learn the top legislative issues affecting the PT profession, and patients. Students are encouraged to get involved and make a difference now as a student advocate. DPT students from NSU and surrounding South Florida schools were in attendance. Dr. Roody Joseph and Dr. Tom Eberle were speakers for the evening. Pictured: Sebastian Gil, SPT, Maya Betz-Otero, SPT, Kenneth Pooa,SPT, Sara Bowden, SPT, Kayla-Ann Wilkes, SPT, Arif Zaladin, SPT, Dr. Roody Joseph, PT, OCS, and Lynn Grissom, SPT For more information about the APTA National Advocacy Dinner visit the link below.


Ethics Bowl - Class of 2021 Team wins 3rd place

Congratulations to the NSU DPT 2019 Ethics Bowl team who advanced to the 3rd round of the HPD Ethics Bowl competition in March. The team did a wonderful job articulating the legal and ethical issues surrounding each case. They were recognized for 3rd place with bronze medals. Class of 2021 Ethics Bowl team members include Alexa Bianco, Whitney Yoder, Kayla-Ann Wilkes, Alexander Kais, Michael Veloz. Also, a special thanks to their Class of 2020 mentors, Sydney Renaud, Bryan Sterling, Stephen Withers, who supported them along the way and Dr. Smith for her guidance and leadership in this effort!

NSU DPT Research Capstone Students win 'Social Responsibility' Award at APTA CSM 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Nunez-Gaunaurd's DPT class of 2019 research capstone group who won the Social Responsibility Award at APTA CSM 2019 in Washington, DC for their poster presentation entitled Examining ICF Related Factors to Address Obesity and Physical Activity Among High School Adolescents from Medically Underserved Populations (MUP). Research capstone student participants include Jay Chan, Sara Chinoy, and Jillian Szymanowski.

NSU DPT Students Participate in Service Learning through Healthcare Outreach Trip in Puerto Rico

The Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) programs of Nova Southeastern University-Tampa and Fort Lauderdale in conjunction with Nova Southeastern University, Puerto Rico provide valuable PT servcie to the communities of Villa Calma, Villa del Sol, and Ingenio to provide Physical Therapy (PT) services in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico in Fall of 2018. Drs. Keiba Shaw and Ovido Olivencia headed this inaugural trip where they guided students in providing pro bono PT services to Puerto Rican people in need. In addition, collaborations were formed with the Mayor of Puerto Rico and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to continue to provide services in the future. Puerto Rico continues to need medical assistance and is rebuilding after hurricane Maria, a category 4 storm, hit the island on Sept. 20, 2017. Pictured: Top row L to R: Nick Frears, Nick Waters, Dr. Olivencia, Savier Herrnandez, Sydney Ranaud, Alyssa Raineri, Kevin Castillo, Barbara Sageman, Bottom row L to R: David Andino-Salgado, Kevin Melendez, Dr. Shaw, Jessica Estrada , Carla Ortiz Learn about the student Nick Frears' experience below:

Nick Frears Testimonial

Class of 2019 Students Present Research Capstone Project at 2018 NSCA Conference

Third year DPT students, Dominic Mascia and Emily Passint, traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana on July 13, 2018 to present their research capstone research project at the annual National Strength and Conditioning Association National (NSCA) Conference. These two students, along with Michael Marquis (not pictured) completed this Senior Capstone project under the guidance of NSU faculty Dr. Kolber to examine the effect of weight lifting gloves on functional lifting performance entitled "The Influence of Weightlifting Gloves on Functional Lifting Performance: A Preliminary Study." This research study analyzed the deadlifting performance with and without weight lifting gloves with 90 healthy participants. When analyzed as a complete sample, the results found a statistically significant difference while using the weight lifting gloves compared to without the gloves. However, when analyzed by male and female, not statistical significance was found. Overall, it was determined personal experience using weight lifting gloves was the most important factor, thus it comes down to personal preference of using weight lifting gloves.

NSU’s DPT class of 2019 Participate in Bubble Break to Support Help Hope Live

Help Hope Live is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to community-based fundraising to help people in medical crisis afford their unmet medical and related expenses to cell and organ transplants or catastrophic injuries. This year, Help Hope Live is celebrating their 35th Anniversary and in honor are raising awareness through a Bubble Break Campaign. NSU’s DPT class of 2019 completed their Bubble Break on July 18, 2018 as part of their Spinal Cord Injury class with the help of Help Hope Live Ambassador and SCI community advocate, Ryan Gebauer, and NSU PT faculty Suzana Simoes, Rania Margonis, Kimberly Smith, Kelby Kaplan, Brian Russ, Shilpa Gaikwad, Debra Stern, and Neurologic PT resident, Paul Colbert. Learn more about Help Hope Live by visiting

Watch NSU DPT Class of 2019 Bubble Challenge

NSU DPT Program Achieves Platinum Status in the APTA Reach 100 Challenge

NSU DPT students have answered the APTA's "nationwide call to membership for PT and PTA students to demonstrate their commitment to APTA membership." Our students have achieved 100% membership status and have qualified for Platinum level honors. The class of 2020 has entered the REACH100 photo contest using the picture here! We are so proud of our students for their commitment to the APTA!

Learn more about APTA Reach100

Research Capstone Group Helps Community

This year’s capstone group members Brendan Bak; Jay Chan; Cody Richardson; Jillian Szymanowski and Ashley Wilson did an excellent job at the wellness screening for high school adolescents. This is an effort to further examine health disparities and promote health wellness participation among adolescents from medically underserved population. In April 2018, In addition to collecting performance outcome measures, HS students are surveyed regarding their physical activity and diet. High school students also wear Fitbits for a total of 4 weeks to assess number of steps/days and to challenge each other on daily step count. NSU DPT students worked together with DPT student volunteers from the University of Miami. Together they collected outcome measure data related to Fitness and Function on 56 students from a Broward County High School.

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