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Current Events Professional DPT - Fort Lauderdale

Class of 2019 Students Present Research Capstone Project at 2018 NSCA Conference

Third year DPT students, Dominic Mascia and Emily Passint, traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana on July 13, 2018 to present their research capstone research project at the annual National Strength and Conditioning Association National (NSCA) Conference. These two students, along with Michael Marquis (not pictured) completed this Senior Capstone project under the guidance of NSU faculty Dr. Kolber to examine the effect of weight lifting gloves on functional lifting performance entitled "The Influence of Weightlifting Gloves on Functional Lifting Performance: A Preliminary Study." This research study analyzed the deadlifting performance with and without weight lifting gloves with 90 healthy participants. When analyzed as a complete sample, the results found a statistically significant difference while using the weight lifting gloves compared to without the gloves. However, when analyzed by male and female, not statistical significance was found. Overall, it was determined personal experience using weight lifting gloves was the most important factor, thus it comes down to personal preference of using weight lifting gloves.

NSU’s DPT class of 2019 Participate in Bubble Break to Support Help Hope Live

Help Hope Live is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to community-based fundraising to help people in medical crisis afford their unmet medical and related expenses to cell and organ transplants or catastrophic injuries. This year, Help Hope Live is celebrating their 35th Anniversary and in honor are raising awareness through a Bubble Break Campaign. NSU’s DPT class of 2019 completed their Bubble Break on July 18, 2018 as part of their Spinal Cord Injury class with the help of Help Hope Live Ambassador and SCI community advocate, Ryan Gebauer, and NSU PT faculty Suzana Simoes, Rania Margonis, Kimberly Smith, Kelby Kaplan, Brian Russ, Shilpa Gaikwad, Debra Stern, and Neurologic PT resident, Paul Colbert. Learn more about Help Hope Live by visiting

Watch NSU DPT Class of 2019 Bubble Challenge

NSU DPT Program Achieves Platinum Status in the APTA Reach 100 Challenge

NSU DPT students have answered the APTA's "nationwide call to membership for PT and PTA students to demonstrate their commitment to APTA membership." Our students have achieved 100% membership status and have qualified for Platinum level honors. The class of 2020 has entered the REACH100 photo contest using the picture here! We are so proud of our students for their commitment to the APTA!

Learn more about APTA Reach100

Research Capstone Group Helps Community

This year’s capstone group members Brendan Bak; Jay Chan; Cody Richardson; Jillian Szymanowski and Ashley Wilson did an excellent job at the wellness screening for high school adolescents. This is an effort to further examine health disparities and promote health wellness participation among adolescents from medically underserved population. In April 2018, In addition to collecting performance outcome measures, HS students are surveyed regarding their physical activity and diet. High school students also wear Fitbits for a total of 4 weeks to assess number of steps/days and to challenge each other on daily step count. NSU DPT students worked together with DPT student volunteers from the University of Miami. Together they collected outcome measure data related to Fitness and Function on 56 students from a Broward County High School.

DPT Student, Ashley Wilson,SPT, Participates in Diversity Dialogues Workshop

Ashley Wilson, SPT, from the FTL Professional DPT program spoke on the Multicultural Affairs Committee (MAC)Diversity Dialogues Student Panel on April 19, 2018. We are so proud of her! Click on the link to hear the recorded session.


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