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Physical Therapy (Professional DPT - Tampa Bay)

Frequently Asked Questions

The PTCAS application generally opens in early July.  PTCAS Application

Please visit our Application Procedures page for a list of all important application dates

After a review of your application, The Committee on Admissions determines which applicants, who have met all admissions criteria, are invited for an interview.

Yes.  Once your application has been verified by PTCAS, the admissions department will send the applicant a link to complete the NSU supplemental application.   Please note, it can take up to 6 weeks for your PTCAS application and supporting documents to be verified.  

You should receive the link to the NSU supplemental application within one week of your PTCAS application reaching a verified status.  Please note, it can take up to 6 weeks for your PTCAS application and supporting documents to be verified.  

If you have not received the NSU supplemental application link, please feel free to contact Reyhan Lyles, admissions counselor at 

If you have not completed all admissions requirements (for example, your bachelor’s degree or prerequisite courses) you may still be considered by the Committee on Admissions.  Any offer of admission that you receive; however, will be contingent upon your satisfactory completion of all admissions requirements.

The first term of each cohort begins during the Summer Semester which is typically at the end of May each year.

This program takes 4 years to complete.  The final 9 months are spent in full-time clinical internships.

Tuition is the same as the Traditional Face-to-Face program in Ft. Lauderdale, but it is prorated over the 4 years.

Students are allowed to work while in the program.  The majority of our students work at least part time and some even work full-time.  The amount and type of work a student can handle while in the program varies from person to person.  The flexible format of the program allows students the opportunity to work, it is important to keep in mind that it is still a full-time doctoral program. 

Upon confirmation that the application is complete, and the applicant meets the minimum admission requirements, the application will be sent to the Committee on Admissions for review.  Selected applicants will be invited for an in person interview at the Tampa Bay Regional Campus.  Interview dates can be found here.

Yes.  But applications will not be reviewed until all required items are properly submitted.  

If you have questions related to admissions but have not yet submitted an application, please contact Mr. Jason Barshay at 813-574-5286 or   

If you have fully submitted an application for the current admissions cycle and have questions related to admissions, please contact Reyhan Lyles at 813-574-5271 or 

For program-related questions, please contact Dr. Mary Blackinton at 813-574-5311 or

To keep class sizes small, we anticipate a class of 43-46 students each year. 

For your application to be considered for admission to the DPT program - Tampa Bay, you must meet the minimum requirements for GPA of 3.0  in all three categories:

  • Science and Math
  • Prerequisites
  • Overall GPA

Students may obtain financial aid from public and/or private sources.  Part of planning for entry should include planning for the financial situation faced by our students. For specific questions regarding financial aid, please visit NSU Financial Aid Office

No.  The flexibility of the DPT-Tampa Bay program allows students to live where they would like.  Our students live all across the continental United States.

No.  The DPT-Tampa Bay program is delivered with a thoughtful and purposeful blending of face-to-face and online instruction.  Every month students are required to attend the face-to-face weekend institute.  These institutes occur Thursday - Sunday and are almost always 4 weeks apart from one another.  Sometimes the institutes are more than 4 weeks apart due to various breaks and holidays. 

Yes.  Attendance of all weekend institutes is mandatory.

Students in this blended DPT program have access to faculty via several methods including but not limited to: appointments scheduled face to face, online through Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts.

Yes.  The faculty members work full-time at the Tampa Bay Campus during both the online and face-to-face portions of the program.   The only exception is the adjunct faculty members who teach a few classes within the curriculum. 

PTCAS GRE Code:  7741

Send your official transcripts and GRE scores to:

P.O. Box 9112
Watertown, MA 02471


No.  There is no grade forgiveness. When calculating your GPA all earned grades are included and averaged together in the GPA calculations.  For example, if you originally earned a "C" in Physics I,  then retook Physics I and earned an "A", the calculated GPA would average these two grades.  The "A" does not replace the "C".

No.  During clinical internships, students do not come to the Tampa Bay Campus.  

After completion of your final internship, students return to the Tampa Bay Campus for one week to prepare for graduation and the licensure examination.
GRE scores must be no more than 10 years old. However, the GRE requirement is waived for individuals who have previously completed a graduate degree.
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