New Student Orientation & Pre-Arrival Information

Welcome to Nova Southeastern University and congratulations on your acceptance into the College of Health Care Sciences (CHCS). In order to prepare for the year ahead, we will be sending you updates every 3-4 weeks between now and orientation. To ensure that your transition into the college is smooth, it is important that you work with your admissions counselor prior to orientation.

STEP ONE: Secure Housing (Begin in Late Feb/Early March)

  • Nova Southeastern University has several facilities conveniently located on the main campus with desirable amenities at a great value. For more information, please visit Nova Graduate Housing Information.
  • Students wishing to live off-campus may review the Off-Campus Housing Information. The Office of Residence Life also provides an excellent Online Apartment Finder on this website that you can use to locate off campus housing.
  • Please read this helpful handout with more tips on relocating to Davie Florida.

STEP TWO: Obtain NSU Login ID & Email Account (Obtain in Mid-March or Early April)

Please set up your NSU Identity prior to attending Orientation. Students may obtain their SharkLink IDs and email account credentials by visiting us here.

STEP THREE: Complete Background Checks (Completed in April - Admissions Counselor will send your pin number, PA students ONLY will complete this through CASPA without a pin number required)

Accepted applicants and students are required to authorize the Health Professions Division to obtain background checks. Please note that incoming students must complete the online background check documentation prior to Orientation.

After you have confirmed with the University that you will be attending NSU, information regarding the background check procedure, a program code and a pin number will be sent to you by your Admissions Counselor. Go to and login with this information to complete your background check. If you have not received your program code and background check pin number, please contact the Office of Admissions at 1-800-356-0026, Ext. 7181 or (954) 262-7181. If you have any difficulty downloading your information, please contact Certified Profile at (888) 666-7788.

STEP FOUR: Complete Your Immunizations and Physical Exam & Upload the Forms (Complete in April with Background Checks, PA students will already have an account established in Certified Profile from CASPA to upload forms into)

All incoming students must have a thorough physical examination prior to the first day of classes. Please review the Immunization Guidelines.

To complete this process:

If you have any difficulty with this procedure or do not have the capability to scan and save documents, you will be given the option to send copies of the completed documents directly to Certified Profile. Questions regarding the mandatory immunization and physical examination forms can be directed to Certified Profile at (888) 914-7279.

The immunizations listed above on the Immunization Form are required of all students in the Health Professions Division based on the current Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for Health Care Personnel. Every student is required to have completed these immunizations listed above before matriculating into Nova Southeastern University. Failure to comply with this policy may result in the student’s inability to satisfy the requirements for graduation from their academic program.

Please note: DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS. YOU MUST KEEP A COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS. If you must send the forms to Certified Profile, please send them via certified mail.

STEP FIVE:If Applicable, Complete Your Insurance Waiver (go online to the link below to complete this between May 9th-May 27th, before attending Orientation, your program must have you registered for classes before you can complete this waiver online)

The Health Professions Division is concerned for the health and welfare of its students. As a result, all full-time Health Professions Division students at Nova Southeastern University are required to carry adequate health insurance coverage. If you carry your own insurance, you will need to fill out the waiver form, located in the link below anytime between May 9th and May 27th. If you fail to complete the online waiver by May 27th, you will be automatically billed and enrolled in the Blue Cross Blue Shield plan endorsed by NSU. For detailed information on the plan, benefits, and cost please visit the Student Health Insurance Waiver Application.

STEP SIX: Student Enrollment Agreement (SEA)

All students at Nova Southeastern University will be required to complete the new Student Enrollment Agreement (SEA). The SEA requires students to agree to NSU standards and policies regarding course registration and withdrawal, financial responsibility, a release of liability, and more.

As CHCS students you will be registered for classes by your academic programs. However, you must still complete the SEA. To complete this requirement, students may log in to SharkLink&#and select the Student Tab, then click on Course Information, and select Registration - Add/Drop to read and complete the SEA form online. For questions about the Student Enrollment Agreement, visit or call the Office of the University Registrar at (954) 262-7200.

Lab Coats

All HPD students enrolled in on-campus programs are required to purchase two lab coats. You will be given a chance to meet with bookstore personnel to try on sample lab coats during the orientation process. The lab coats cost $39.98 and payment will be due when you place your order. Any questions regarding the ordering process can be directed to the NSU Bookstore, (954) 262-4750. Visit the NSU Bookstore Lab Coat Order Website

You can visit the NSU Bookstore website.

Student Services and Resources

We invite you to take advantage of all the student engagement and support services NSU has to offer. For more information about some of the resources available to you, please go here. Additionally, for information about student success resources in the College, go to the Inter-Professional Student Support Center.

Parking Permit Application

All students, faculty and staff at Nova Southeastern University are required to obtain a parking permit. Please go to the NSU Public Safety Website and print, fill out, and return the Parking Permit Application. You will need a copy of your vehicle registration and your Shark Card when you come to the One Stop Shop in the HPD Terry Building to get your parking permit. This should be done within the first week of the semester.

NSU Sharkcard

The NSU Shark Card is the official Nova Southeastern University identification card. All students, faculty, and staff are required to carry the NSU Card for identification purposes. In addition, the card can be used as a library card, for vending machine and copy machine purchases, for meal plans, and for building and parking access on campus. Visit the link below to apply for your Shark Card. Log into the application with your Sharklink username and password. Once you have completed your online application, your Shark Card will be mailed to the address listed on your application in 3-5 business days.

For Admissions or Financial Aid Questions:

Contact HPD Admissions & Financial Aid at 1-800-356-0026, Ext. 21101

For Orientation or Student Life Questions, please contact:

College of Health Care Sciences-Office of Student Affairs
HPD Terry Building 2nd Floor, Room 1245 & 1246

Call us at 954-262-1299

Email us at

Save the Date

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2015 (Davie-Fort Lauderdale Audiology Program ONLY)
  • Check-In Begins at 8:30am, Orientation starts at 9:00am
  • Orientation Check-In Location: Ziff Clinic Building, 3rd Floor Audiology Classroom