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CHCS Creed


As a NSU College of Health Care Science emerging professional, I understand that Professionalism engenders the following principles:

I am committed to becoming a respected, knowledgeable, and skillful professional. Therefore, I will approach all academic and professional endeavors with my best effort in pursuit of a higher purpose.

I understand that I have been given the opportunity for education in order to serve others. I will strive to make a positive contribution in my local community and my chosen profession.

I believe that trust is important and will strive to uphold the highest degree of honesty, accountability, and character. I understand that these qualities stand above all others

Believe that diverse perspectives, experiences, knowledge, and skills are valuable. I will respect the contributions and approaches of my faculty, peers, and patients and seek to learn from them.

I believe in standing above the rest by finding unique ways to address unmet need. I will seek innovative knowledge, skills, ideas, and approaches that will improve my academic endeavors, professional capacity, and college experience.

As I demonstrate these qualities, I will serve as a role model in my academic program, profession, and community.
As a NSU College of Health Care Sciences student and emerging health care professional, I understand that daily adherence to these attributes will earn me the respect of my patients as well as my peers, and will help assure the continued high regard of my new profession. Today, I embark on a path that will change my life and the lives of others.