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Jacksonville Campus Physician Assistant Orientation


Orientation Overview


Date: May 13-17, 2024

Place: Jacksonville, Florida (in person)

 Class of 2026 Orientation Information

Orientation for the Jacksonville Physician Assistant program will be four days, Monday, May 13, 2024 through Wednesday, May 15, 2024. On the first day of orientation, there will be an Orientation Ceremony. Students will be receiving additional information for this event.  The Orientation Ceremony is mandatory for all students. 

Following the Orientation Ceremony the incoming class will participate in activities that will familiarize students to Nova Southeastern University, the Jacksonville campus, and the Physician Assistant program.  Attendance for all orientation events is mandatory. Students will not be excused from any portion of orientation.

 Expected student attire for the Orientation Ceremony is professional attire as described below.

  • Professional attire for men includes slacks, shirt and tie, collared shirts, socks, shoes.
  • Professional attire for women includes dresses or skirts of appropriate length or slacks, blouses, and closed toe shoes.


Dear Physician Assistant Student:

Congratulations and welcome to Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Physician Assistant Program at Jacksonville. Your hard work and dedication have started you on a journey toward becoming a part of a rewarding healthcare profession. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing you with the education and resources needed to become a competent healthcare professional.

The Program will host an Orientation Ceremony to kick off the start of the semester on Monday, May 13, 2024. More information will be forthcoming. This ceremony marks the beginning of your journey at the NSU PA Program- Jacksonville. However, before you embark on this amazing, awesome journey, please ensure that all background checks, physical examinations, and immunization requirements are met before entry into the Program.

You will also receive information from Dr. Racheal McInnis, the Academic Director. Some of the information needs to be completed prior to your matriculation into the Program. Please follow the instructions carefully and click on the all the links to ensure you have completed and complied with all requirements.

Again, congratulations and welcome. We look forward to seeing you and your family on Monday, May 13, 2024.



Dr. Charlene Bolton, EdD, PA-C
Program Director/Assistant Professor


Dear Physician Assistant Students,


As the Academic Director for the Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Physician Assistant Program located in Jacksonville, Florida, it is my honor to extend a heartfelt congratulations and welcome to the incoming Class of 2026. The hard work and determination to achieve this accomplishment does not go unnoticed and deserves special recognition. Nova Southeastern University is a place with traditions, diversity, and commitment to academic excellence.  While in the program, students will broaden their horizons and learn more than they can imagine as well as establish a network of lifelong mentors and friends. The Orientation Ceremony for the Class of 2026 will be Monday, May 13, 2024.   Additional information for the Orientation Ceremony is located on the Nova Southeastern University orientation website. 

Following the Orientation Ceremony, students will be required to attend all orientation sessions held Monday May 13, 2024 through Wednesday, May 15, 2024.  These sessions are for students only and provide valuable information for student success in the program. The summer semester classes officially begin following the orientation sessions.  An academic calendar for the summer semester will be available for students prior to that time.

Students are to read all the documents on the NSU orientation website, as there are many items that must be completed prior to the first day of orientation.  For questions about any of these items, feel free to contact me via e-mail at .

Again, congratulations and welcome.  We look forward to meeting everyone at the Orientation Ceremony.


Dr. Racheal McInnis

Academic Director/Assistant Professor

Dear Physician Assistant Students of the Class of 2026:

Greetings and Salutations!!!!!

I welcome you with open arms to the NSU Physician Assistant Program - Jacksonville. Congratulations. You are now one step closer to realizing your goal of becoming a PA-C. Enjoy the thrill and excitement of this moment. Take it all in. Relish is. Treasure it. Make it a memory you can call on.

You are about to begin the marathon known as PA school. It is a long race, full of twits, turns, hurdles, and hills. You will fall, you will get scraped and bruised. Have not doubt you will finish the RACE. The prize and the win all the sweeter for the work, grit, sleepless nights, sweat equity, and determination you put in. That is just to get you thought the didactic portion…

 You are not alone. You are now part of a team, the CLASS of 2026. Support each other, lift each other up, celebrate the victories and minimize the defeats. Together you will achieve greatness.

 We, the Program, the Faculty, and the Staff are here to support you every step of the way. We are always here to guide and promote you. We will see you begin this race, and we will see you cross the finish line - TOGETHER!





Prof. Griffenkranz, MPAS, PA-C

Clinical Director, Assistant Professor

Summer Registration

Registration for Summer 2024 term will be coordinated by the Academic Administrative Coordinator, Ms. Parisi-Hanuman, in the Physician Assistant Program during the month of April. Her email address is

Summer Booklist

Students are responsible for obtaining all required textbooks and materials. Recommended textbooks and materials are selected by the course directors to enhance student learning; however, students are not required to obtain recommended textbooks and materials.

Some textbooks are available online through the Health Professions Division, (HPD), Library system.  Students are to review the booklist to identify which books are available online.  Books, whether online or not, can be purchased through the NSU bookstore.

Physician Assistant Program Attire
  • Students are required to wear NSU approved scrub uniforms every day starting Friday, May 31, 2024
  • Students are encouraged to place their order no later than Friday, May 17, 2024 due to the minimum 10 day turnaround for embroidering 
  • Scrubs are not considered Physical Diagnosis (PD) lab attire (see below).
  • Students are not permitted to mix and match scrub uniforms with other attire (for example, a t-shirt with scrub pants).
  • Closed toed athletic shoes and clogs with fully enclosed back are the required footwear. Crocs or mules are not allowed.

 Click on the following link: pa/Jacksonville/2026-scrub-guidelines1.pdf


Physical Diagnosis Lab Attire

  • The Physical Diagnosis I course directors will provide information regarding the required lab attire.  


Diagnostic Equipment

  • The second week of the semester, the Physical Diagnosis I course directors will hold a diagnostic equipment fair.  Students are discouraged from purchasing diagnostic equipment prior to the equipment fair to assure the correct equipment is obtained.

During the Summer I semester, students are required to complete the PAJ 5401 Medical Terminology course. This course is a self-study course and self-taught.  Students are encouraged to review medical terminology resources prior to the beginning of the semester. The course has one examination held approximately four to six weeks after the semester starts.  If students are not successful in passing the examination, they will be required to take a remedial examination.  For any questions about this course, students are asked to reach out to Professor Griffenkranz


The NSU SharkCard is the official Nova Southeastern University identification card. All students, faculty, and staff are required to carry the NSU SharkCard for identification purposes and to access secured areas on campus. In addition, the SharkCard can be used as a library card and copy machine purchases. Students must be registered for classes prior to requesting a SharkCard. The SharkCard office will be on the NSU – Jacksonville campus to take pictures and issue SharkCards in person. Additional information will be provided. This is the preferred method. 

NSU Parking Permits

All students, faculty, and staff at Nova Southeastern University's campus in Jacksonville are required to obtain a parking decal. Students can obtain parking decal information at

Student Parking | Nova Southeastern University

  • Physician Assistant students are required to maintain adequate health insurance while in the Physician Assistant program.
  • Nova Southeastern University health plans are available for students who need coverage. 
  • Detailed information on the plan, benefits, and cost are available to students at Student Health Insurance Information and Waiver Application.
  • Students are automatically enrolled in the Nova Southeastern University Student Medical Insurance Plan after registering for class and the charge is assessed to the student account.
  • Students who carry an insurance plan that offers equivalent or greater coverage than provided by the NSU Student Insurance Plan, may choose to opt out of the NSU health plan by June 15, 2024 by completing the online 2024-2025 waiver form.
  • Waivers and pricing for 2024-2025 are available after May 1.
  • For health insurance questions email or visit: Student Health Insurance .




All immunizations are the responsibility of the student. The University is not required to provide alternative sites for clinical practicum or rotations should immunizations be a requirement for placement. Therefore, failure to comply with this policy may result in a student’s inability to satisfy the graduation requirements.

The immunization and criminal background processes are coordinated through a 3rd party vendor, CASTLE BRANCH, and are to be completed prior to attending orientation and classes starting. To begin the electronic process each student will receive an e-vite sent to their personal email account.  When received, students will follow the instructions for setting up their CASTLE BRANCH Portal.

Physical Examination

All health care services are the responsibility of the student. The University is not required to provide alternative sites for clinical practicum or rotations should immunizations be a requirement for placement. Therefore, failure to comply with this policy may result in a student’s inability to satisfy the graduation requirements.

Criminal Background Checks

Deposited and accepted students are required to authorize the Health Professions Division at Nova Southeastern University to obtain background checks.  The Admissions Counselor will coordinate this process.  

For questions on either the immunization, physical or criminal background process, please contact Ms. Kandee Griffith, Senior Associate Director, at


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