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Physician Assistant Program - Jacksonville

Preferred Admissions

Physician Assistant Preferred-Admission Program with Florida State College of Jacksonville - Jacksonville Student Education Center.

Nova Southeastern University's College of Health Care Sciences has established an articulation agreement with Florida State College of Jacksonville's Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences program for a select number of highly motivated, qualified students interested in pursuing professional studies in the Physician Assistant Program. Candidates must maintain a 3.0 grade point average during the undergraduate years and achieve acceptable scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). 

The students will apply for admission to the PA program via CASPA. The CASPA application and GRE scores must be received by NSU's Office of Admissions by the posted deadlines. Personal interviews are offered to the most qualified applicants to assess interpersonal and communications skills, maturity, altruistic attitude and commitment to the PA profession. There is no guarantee of automatic admission to the PA program. Students will be awarded an M.M.S. in Physician Assistant degree upon completion of the PA program

For information and requirements, contact:

Florida State College at Jacksonville
Administrative Offices
501 State Street
Jacksonville, Fl. 32202
Phone:  (904) 766-6726 

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