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Background Checks

Accepted applicants and students are required to authorize the Health Professions Division to obtain level one background checks. Please note that incoming students must complete the online background check documentation prior to Orientation.

After you have confirmed with the University that you will be definitely attending NSU in the upcoming semester:

  • Information regarding this procedure and a pin number to be used to access the appropriate website will be sent to your home via email.
  • If you have not received your program code and background check pin number, please contact the Office of Admissions at 1-800-356-0026, Ext. 7181 or (954) 262-7181.

Level 1 Background Check Includes:

  • Social Security Number tract to confirm past residences
  • Criminal background search based on all past residences.
  • The search shall involve all types of criminal offense, including all matters related thereto, extending up to seven (7) years.
  • In addition, the Level I background check shall also include, but not be limited to:
    • Employment Verification including reason for separation and eligibility for re-employment for each employer;
    • Violent Sex Offender and Predator Registry search;
    • The Office of Inspector General list of excluded individuals/entities;
    • The GSA list of parties excluded from federal programs;
    • The Office of Inspector General list of excluded individuals/entities; and the Applicable State Exclusion List, if applicable.

Level 2 Background Check:

A level two background check may be requested during your term within your program by your program chair or director. A level two is based on clinical rotation facility requirement. In the event a level two is requested, the student you will be responsible for payment of a level two. The program chair/director will provide required information for completion of a level two should it be necessary.

Level 2 Background Check includes:

  • All of level 1
  • Participation with FDLE and VECHS program to provide:
    • State and national criminal history record check, in conjunction with Federal Bureau of Investigation through fingerprinting
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