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Research Academy Members

Name Department Membership Year Email
Julia Andrews Audiology, Davie 2017
Mariana D'amico Occupational Therapy, Tampa 2017
Watfa Krayssa Physical Therapy, Davie 2017
Kim Smith Physical Therapy, Davie 2017
Edward Bolanos Anesthesiologist Assistant, Davie 2016
Alicia Bolden Physician Assistant, Davie 2016
Diana Cherkiss Physician Assistant, Davie 2016
Megan Colas Athletic, Davie 2016
Jermaine Leclerc Anesthesiologist Assistant, Davie 2016
Sheila Longpre Occupational Therapy, Tampa 2016
Archana Vatwana Physical Therapy, Davie 2016
Frederick DiCarlo Speech Language Pathology, Davie 2015
Lea Kaploun Speech Language Pathology, Davie 2015
Helene Fisher Speech Language Pathology, Davie 2015
M. Samuel Cheng* Director, College of Health Care Sciences
Physical Therapy, Fort Lauderdale
Melinda Johnson* Reference/Academic Support Services Librarian
Health Profession Division Library
Fort Lauderdale
Raymond Ownby* Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
Fort Lauderdale
Wendy Stav* Dept. Chair, CHCS Occupational Therapy
Fort Lauderdale
Julie Tilson* Associate Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy 
Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy
University of Southern California
Jennifer Benscik Respiratory Therapy 2014
Rick Davenport Occupational Therapy 2014
Lisa Farach Respiratory Therapy 2014
Cheryl Hill Physical Therapy 2014
Dennis McCarthy Occupational Therapy 2014
Robert Moody Cardiovascular Sonography 2014
Gustavo Reinoso Occupational Therapy 2014
Suzana Simoes Physical Therapy 2014

Please Note: An asterisk (*) indicates instructor.

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