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sports science


Suggested Course Sequence for Full-Time Students

Summer II (June-August) Fall (Aug-Dec) Winter (Jan-May) Summer I (May-June)

EXSC 5760 Advanced Sport Biomechanics (3 credits)

EXSC 5200 Laboratory Instrumentation (3 credits)

MHS 5501 Epidemiology and Biostatistics (3 credits)

MHS 5510 Research Methods (3 credits)

EXSC 5500 Advanced Methods of Strength and Conditioning (3 credits)

MHS 5203: Writing for Allied Health Professionals (3 credits)

EXSC 5900 Advanced Ergogenic Aids (3 credits)

EXSC 5300 Directed Research I (3 credits)

EXSC 5600 Sports Analytics (3 credits)

EXSC 5400 Directed Research II (3 credits)

Required Courses (30 credits)
Note: Courses highlighted in red are to be done at the NSU Exercise Science Lab(s).
Note: Directed Research I and II are offered every semester

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