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Joann Gallichio, P.T., D.Sc., N.C.S.

Joann Gallichio
Associate Professor, Physical Therapy - Tampa
(813) 574-5310


  • Master’s in physical therapy from the University of Scranton (1998)
  • Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy from Rocky Mountain University of Health Profession (2010) with a specialization in Neurologic Physical Therapy


Dr. Gallichio was board certified in Neurologic Physical Therapy from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialization (ABPTS) from 2012-2022.



  • PHTT 6830 & 6830L: Neuromuscular Systems I
  • PHTT 6914 & 6914L:  Neuromuscular Systems II
  • PHTT 6722: Integumentary PT

Joann Gallichio, P.T., D.Sc., N.C.S. began teaching physical therapy education in 2011 in the neuromuscular curriculum at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences prior to joining the Nova Southeastern University team in the Fall of 2013. Her primary teaching responsibilities have been in the neuromuscular courses with emphasis on instruction related to the examination and treatment of individuals with neurologic conditions. She is a strong advocate for understanding the “why” in conjunction with the “how.”  She believes that things must make sense for students to learn them.

Scholarly Activities and Interests

Gallichio’s research interests focus on the recovery of walking following stroke. Gallichio moved to Jacksonville, FL in 2006 to be the site team leader at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital for the Locomotor Experience Applied Post-Stroke (LEAPS) study, a phase III, multi-site, randomized clinical trial. Through research with the LEAPS trial, Gallichio has presented nationally at the APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting (2008) and The American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association’s 7th Annual Rehabilitation Education conference (2009). Publications include an update on pharmacological management of spasticity following stroke (2004), virtual reality training for stroke rehabilitation (2004), the Fugl-Meyer assessment of sensorimotor function after stroke (2011), concordance and discordance between measured and perceived balance and the effect on gait speed and falls following stroke (2016), and the interface of clinical decision-making with study protocols for knowledge translation from a walking recovery trial (2017). 

Having transitioned from a face-to-face teaching format to a blended model, Gallichio has presented on the topic at the Human Anatomy and Physiology Annual Meeting (2014) and the Health Professions Educational Research Symposium (2017).

More recently, Gallichio presented a poster the APTA Combined Sections Meeting in 2021 on the prediction of clinical readiness using a standardized assessment.

Areas of Practice

Gallichio’s P.T. practice focus is stroke rehabilitation as well as physical therapy in the Surgical and Neurological Intensive Care Units. She has practiced in a variety of settings, including acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, out-patient therapy, and home health. She is an weekly volunteer for the Parkinsonlife Corporation (pdLIFE-Lifestyle, Information, Fitness, and Empowerment) where she assists individuals during exercise class.

Professional Activity Summary

Gallichio has been an APTA member since 1995 and is a current member of the neurologic section. 

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