The mission of the CHCSTLA is to provide practical faculty development programming for faculty members while serving as a valuable resource to those who are interested in achieving and promoting teaching excellence, improving student learning outcomes, and encouraging ongoing professional and scholarly engagement.

Members Academy Department Office email
Sandra Dunbar CAPE Dean's Office - Main CAPE Coordinator
Sonia Kay TLA OT – Main Chair Email
Melissa Lazinski TLA PT – Tampa Co-Chair
Alicia Fernandez-Fernandez TLA PT – Main Secretary
John Rafalko TLA PA, Main Fellowship & Awards Committee Chair  
Jacqueline Reese-Walter TLA OT – Main Programming Committee Chair
Rose Colon TLA HS - Main Admissions & Outcomes Committee Chair
Jennifer Benscik RA RT - Palm Beach Gardens
Sam Cheng RA PT - Main
Nicole Quint LMA OT - Main
Heather Saifman TLA/LMA NSG – Miami  
Keiba Shaw LMA PT – Tampa  
Lisa Soontupe LMA NSG – Main  
Lonette Spence TLA VS - Main
Sabrina Stern TLA NSG – Main  
Kris Winston LMA NSG – Main