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Doctor of Audiology - United Kingdom

Degree Requirements

In order to earn the Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.), students with a Master's (MSc) in Audiology and Audiologic Physicians must earn 34 credits.

Credit Hours

course name UK MSc
AUD 6504: Implantable Hearing Technologies
This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of different implantable auditory devices for adults and children. Information covered in the class will include, but is not limited to, candidacy for implantation, basic understanding of the surgery and surgical risks of implants, pre- and post-audiometric test measures to determine benefit, programming and troubleshooting.
AUD 7030: Geriatric Audiology
Students will be provided with an overview of gerontology with emphasis given to differentiation between the normal aging process and pathological changes related to auditory and vestibular disorders.
AUD 7050: Research Methods
Students will study research design, data collection, analysis, and evaluation. The ability to comprehend, analyze, and critically evaluate professional literature will be emphasized. Students will design clinically based research to test a clinical hypothesis or document treatment effectiveness.
AUD 7060: Genetics
The purpose of this course is to review the present knowledge of genetics of hearing impairment and to discuss the potential for gene-based approaches to treatment.
AUD 7070: Pharmacology
In this course students are presented with the classes of drugs used in clinical practice with emphasis on activity, mode of action, side effects, toxicity, and drug interactions as they relate to auditory and vestibular function.
AUD 7075: Counseling in Audiology
This course is designed to explore theories of counseling related to the management of persons with auditory and vestibular disorders. Different approaches for interacting with patients and their families individually and in groups will be addressed.
AUD 7080: Business Management
In this course students examine basic principles involved in the development and management of audiology practice within the framework of different models of health care delivery.
AUD 7100: Advanced Amplification
Advanced trends and methods in the evaluation and management of patients with amplification systems.
AUD 7120: Advanced Auditory Electrophysiology
Students will study of cochlear physiologic and auditory neurophysiologic evaluation procedures, including evoked responses for all latencies and otoacoustic emissions. Interpretation of test results will be discussed in relation to underlying anatomy and physiology.
AUD 7130: Pediatric Audiology
This course is designed to provide a review of normal and abnormal auditory development in children. Audiologic assessment, management, and treatment of neonates, infants, and young children will be discussed. Evaluation procedures for the difficult-to-test patient will be explored.
AUD 7160: Advanced Vestibular Evaluation and Treatment
Students will study the anatomy and physiology of the peripheral and central vestibular mechanisms and the integration of the human equilibrium system. Disorders of vestibular function will be studied. Vestibular evaluation procedures will be presented. Vestibular rehabilitation and balance therapy programming and therapy techniques will be discussed and evaluated.
AUD 7180: Advanced Diagnostic Audiology
Students will study advanced auditory evaluation with an emphasis on integration of audiologic test results leading to management and treatment strategies.
Total Credit Hours: 34

Course Sequence (subject to change):

Month Offered Course Name
January 2022 Genetics
March Pediatric Audiology
May Counseling
August Research Methods
September Advanced Diagnostic Audiology
November Geriatric Audiology
January 2023 Pharmacology
March Advanced Amplification
May Advanced Vestibular Evaluation and Treatment
July Practice Management
September Advanced Auditory Electrophysiology
November Implantable Hearing Technologies
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