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Nova Southeastern University Palm Beach Campus, Florida

As a practicing Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT), you can upgrade your skills and increase your employment options by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy (B.S.R.T.). The field is changing to require advanced education, and we make the process convenient for working professionals.

What you’ll study
Our online program includes professional courses that cover 39 credits in subjects such as sleep medicine, legal issues, and evidence-based practice. Six credits of practical fieldwork courses are required. A specialization option in Health Care Management requires an additional 15 credits and prepares you for financial and other leadership roles.

How you’ll learn more
You'll appreciate the convenience of online coursework and the continuous support from instructors. Your online courses provided 24/7 access to lectures and materials that fit around your schedule. Your practial fieldwork (practicum, internship, or scientific investigations) allows you to explore new fields and cutting-edge topics.

Where it can take you
You already know that the respiratory care profession offers a great future. Perhaps you are ready to step into a position in management, research, or education. The success of our alumni proves that many choices and exciting opportunities are waiting.

Tuition for the 2019-2020 Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy (B.S.R.T) Post-Professional (completion) Program for the practicing RRT is $459 per credit.  A NSU student services fee is also required annually.  All tuition and fees are subject to change by the board of trustees without notice.

Financial Aid

The primary financial responsibility for a student’s education rests with the student and his or her family.  Economic circumstances for some families may make it necessary for the student to obtain assistance from other sources.

The Office of Student Financial Assistance at Nova Southeastern University is here to help as many qualified students as possible to complete their health professions education.  Various loans, scholarships, and grants are available to qualified students to help ease the high cost of a health professions education.  These financial assistance programs are described on our web site.

For information on financial assistance, contact:

Reginald Perkins, Financial Aid Counselor - Regional Campus
Enrollment and Student Services
Nova Southeastern University
11501 N. Military Trail, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
561- 805-2117 (Direct Phone)
561-805-2170 (Fax)
Toll Free (800) 541-6682 x 52117

Enrollment is now open for the Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy - Post-Professional program for the Registered Respiratory Therapist. This program will be delivered entirely online. Admission to the program will require the following:

  1. Hold NBRC registration as a Registered Respiratory Therapist. (A Block Grant of 45 credits will be applied toward the BSRT upon proof of RRT),
  2. Currently hold a license to practice respiratory therapy, where applicable,
  3. Application with a non-refundable application fee,
  4. Official transcripts from each university/college attended, and
  5. Completion of the following prerequisite general education coursework, with a minimum grade of C. All general education coursework will be evaluated for equivalency. Students must have at a minimum two (2) Written Communication at or above 1500 level (six credits), two (2) Humanities (six credits), two (2) Math at or above 1040 level (six credits), two (2) Social and Behavioral Sciences (six credits) and two (2) Natural and Physical Sciences (six credits) to enter the BSRT Post-Professional (completion) program.

    Students can be dual enrolled while completing any additional general education requirements. Credits can be transferred in prior to completion of the program. Degree will not be granted until all general education requirements are met.

(Requirements are subject to change without notice.)

All applicants must submit:

  1. A completed application with all applicable fees
  2. Official transcripts from each university/college attended
  3. Coursework taken at a foreign institution must be evaluated for U.S. institutional equivalence. Foreign coursework must be evaluated by one of the following services:

    Josef Silny & Associates, Inc.
    International Education Consultants
    7101 SW 102nd Avenue
    Miami, FL 33173
    Phone: (305) 273-1616
    Fax: (305) 273-1338

    Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
    P.O. Box 415070
    Milwaukee, WI 53203
    (414) 289-3400

    World Education Services, Inc.
    P.O. Box 745
    Old Chelsea Station
    New York, NY 10113-0745
    (212) 966-6311

The BSRT Post-Professional program offers three (3) start dates per year.

  • Fall 2018 (201920) begins August 20, 2018
  • Winter 2019 (201930) begins January 7, 2019
  • Summer 2019 (201950) begins May 6, 2019

To ensure that your application receives prompt consideration, you should apply early.  Applications are accepted year round.

Send your transcripts and evaluations to:

Nova Southeastern University
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
3301 College Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314


Title Credits
Written Communication above 1500 level 6
Mathematics above 1040 level 6
Humanities 6
Social and Behavioral Sciences 6
Natural and Physical Sciences 6



The following professional courses will be required for completion.

NSU Post-Professional Curriculum

Course Number Course Title Credits
RRT 3016 Advanced Cardiopulmonary Physiology for Respiratory Therapy
Advanced physiology of the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. This course includes study of respiratory physiology, cardiac and circulatory function with relevant clinical application of concepts in ECG interpretation, blood pressure regulation, gas exchange and transport, breathing regulation, respiratory insufficiency and congenital abnormalities.
RRT 3018 Advanced Pharmacology in Respiratory Therapy
This course builds upon a basic understanding of the concepts and principles of pharmacology as applied in the respiratory therapy in the management of patient with cardiopulmonary disease and critical care.
RRT 3015 Critical Care Pathophysiology for Respiratory Therapy
A survey of the disease processes which affect the tissues, organs, or the body as a whole. Special emphasis is placed on infectious diseases, their causes, prevention and treatment in the critical care setting.
RRT 3017 Outpatient Services in Respiratory Therapy
This course is an introduction to the history, trends, issues, and evolution of the outpatient services and reimbursement for respiratory therapy services. The course includes selected respiratory care theories and practices in alternate-care sites including pulmonary diagnostics, pulmonary rehabilitation, home care, sub-acute care.
RRT 3021 Sleep Medicine
The course provides an in-depth overview of sleep medicine to include the anatomical and physiological considerations of sleep and breathing. Sleep disorders and polysomnography are explored to include monitoring techniques and instrumentation.
RRT 3020 Quality Improvement in Healthcare
Introduction and evaluation of current approaches to assessing risk and improving health care quality through the practice of continuous quality improvement. Focuses on conceptual understanding and experiential learning. Pre-Req: Statistics
RRT 3014 Advanced Patient Monitoring and Assessment
Techniques and methods used to analyze and evaluate the health status of critically ill adult patients with emphasis on the respiratory, cardiovascular, and renal systems.
BHS 4031 Statistics for Health Sciences
This course will provide and introduction to the conceptual foundation of statistical analysis & reasoning of health sciences data, and will prepare the student to calculate, interpret, and utilize appropriate software packages for basic statistical analysis.
RRT 4005 Evidence-Based Practice
This course will provide the student with an introduction to evidence-based practice, and an opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to incorporate evidence and best practices into professional work. This will include an understanding of research methods and critical appraisal of the research literature. Pre-req Statistics
RRT 4006 Leadership and Management for Respiratory Care
Extensive examination of current practices/trends of techniques used in the leadership of the health care environment. Emphasis will be placed upon specific skill sets used by the managers of today's workforce.
RRT 4007 Education Principles in Health Care
An introduction to basic principles of education and their application to the current health care environment. Course content includes information on designing a lecture or course for the classroom, as an in-service or in a continuing education program. It focuses on assessing educational needs, organizing instruction, instructional methods and education.
RRT 4009 Legal and Ethical Considerations in Respiratory Care
This course will provide a forum for discussion of current ethical, legal and professional issues. We will refer to historical and emerging controversies in health care and society that influence the patient-patient care giver relationship. The method of instruction will primarily be student presentation and classroom discussion of current issue. Pre-Req: Statistics
RRT 4010 Case Management Theory & Process 3


Practical Course Work and Experiences (2 Required)

Course Number Course Title Credits
RRT 4502 Practicum
This course includes experiences in a chosen focus area (clinical, administrative, or population-based). This experience will culminate in a capstone project in the form of research, or other scholarly activity that articulates the design, organization, statistics and data analysis used and includes a written presentation of the project. Pre-Req: Statistics, all core courses
RRT 4505 Scientific Investigation I
This course provides the student with an opportunity to gain experience in applying the scientific method. Emphasis will be on literary inquiries, statistical analysis, research design, and the preparation of material for publication. The student will develop an independent project or thesis proposal under the supervision of a faculty adviser, and prepare and submit a final report prior to the end of the students academic program. Prerequisite: A course in statistics, and all core courses.
RRT 4506 Internship
Designed to have the student demonstrate competency related to clinical processes in an advanced practice area (neonatal critical care, pediatric critical care, adult critical care, pulmonary rehabilitation, pulmonary function laboratory, polysomnography, hyperbaric therapy, respiratory care management or respiratory care education). Students should select the specialty section that reflects their area of expertise. A written presentation will be required. Prerequisite: A course in statistics and permission of instructor and all core courses. Online degree- completion students must enroll in the Specialty Section in which they have the most clinical experience and expertise.
RRT 4507 Scientific Investigation II
This course provides the student with the opportunity to perform a systematic review or meta-analysis. Emphasis will be on study protocol design, define inclusion/exclusion criteria, literature search strategies, and statistical methods for analysis. The student will develop an independent systematic review or meta-analysis with the aid of a faculty advisor and submit as a final project prior to graduation. Prerequisite: A course in statistics, scientific investigation, permission of instructor and all core courses.



Title Credits
Total Prerequisite General Education Courses 30
Total Professional Course Requirement 39
Total Practical Course Requirement 6
Total Block Grant Credit for current RRT 45


Completion Program Tuition: $449 per credit hour.


These courses can be taken in addition to the post-professional curriculum and required practical course work. Completion of the following (15 credits / 5 courses) will grant a specialization in Health Care Management in addition to the BSRT degree.

Course Number Course Title Credits
BHS 3155 Conflict Management in Health Care 3
BHS 3161 Health Care Finance 3
BHS 3162 Economics of Health Services 3
RRT 4103 Strategic Planning and Organizational Development for Healthcare 3
RRT 4014 Operational Analysis and Quality Improvement 3


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