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Inter-professional Diabetes Education and Awareness (IDEA)

Inter-professional Diabetes Education and Awareness (IDEA)

Meet the IDEA Teams

Team 1: Diabetes & Children - "Take A Bite Out of Diabetes"

Photo: 'Take A Bite Out of Diabetes' Team Photo

Faculty Team Leader: Alison Herman, Occupational Therapy

  • Ileczandria Amador, Occupational Therapy
  • Julie Becker, Nursing
  • Jocelyn Wallace, Physical Therapy
  • Diana Kinyua, Dental Medicine
  • Katia Jean Baptiste, Public Health
  • Lauren Lane, Medical Sonography

Team 2: Healthy Eating & Diabetes - "Dia-Beet-Es"

Photo: 'Dia-Beet-Es' Team Photo

Faculty Team Leader: Linda Fritzinger-Hearn, Nursing

  • Genevieve Lyke, Physical Therapy
  • Blake Giroux, Nursing
  • Shannon McCormick, Audiology
  • Tiana James, Medical Sonography
  • Tamarra Smith, Dental Medicine
  • Marsha White, Pharmacy
  • Sara Hartey, Osteopathic Medicine

Team 3: Diabetes & Children - "Kids Kicking Diabetes"

Photo: 'Kids Kicking Diabetes' Team Photo

Faculty Team Leader: Julia Andrews, Audiology

  • Allison Shleickhorn, Physical Therapy
  • Naomi Clay, Optometry
  • Jeanette Owens, Physician Assistant
  • Joann Pierre, Audiology
  • Suzanne Parrish, Dental Medicine
  • Danielle Lerch, Pharmacy
  • Jasmin Patel, Osteopathic Medicine

Team 4: "Avid Diabetes Assassinators"

Photo: 'Avid Diabetes Assassinators' Team Photo

Faculty Team Leader: Harvey Feldman, Physician Assistant

  • Eric Otero, Physical Therapy
  • Ashley McClure, Medical Sonography
  • Jessica Gomez, Nursing
  • Lincy Joseph, Pharmacy
  • Lynette Miller, Physician Assistant
  • Ila Sehgal, Osteopathic Medicine

Team 5: Diabetes & Exercise - "Splash Into Action"

Photo: 'Splash Into Action' Team Photo

Faculty Team Leader: Debra Stern, Physical Therapy

  • Elizabeth Benz, Physical Therapy
  • Sophia Beauharnass, Medical Sonography
  • Heather Marinello, Audiology
  • Kitty Daniel, Osteopathic Medicine

Team 6: Power Over Diabetes - "Sweet Talkers"

Photo: 'Sweet Talkers' Team Photo

Faculty Team Leader: Patricia Toribio, Medical Sonography; Deborah Mendelsohn, Medical Sonography

  • Kassie Movsesian, Medical Sonography
  • Jennifer Kang, Occupational Therapy
  • Damaris Payen, Nursing
  • Navneet Punia, Dental Medicine
  • Omama Sabir, Pharmacy
  • Parth Gandhi, Osteopathic Medicine

Team 7: Medication Management - "Prescription to Empower"

Photo: 'Prescription to Empower' Team Photo

Faculty Team Leader: Andrea Levin, Pharmacy

  • Gabrielle Ingerson, Physician Assistant
  • Anneleise Sifford, Audiology
  • Christina Rankin, Physical Therapy
  • Michelle Schlesinger, Occupational Therapy
  • Nowrin Alam, Pharmacy
  • Maram Bishawi, Osteopathic Medicine

Team 8: Eye Health - "Sight for Sweet Eyes"

Photo: 'Sight for Sweet Eyes' Team Photo

Faculty Team Leader: Joe Pizzimenti, Optometry; Leon Nehmad, Optometry

  • Cristina LaRosa, Optometry
  • Sara Johnston, Physician Assistant
  • Brittany Augustin, Occupational Therapy
  • Michael Navarrete, Dental Medicine

Team 9: Power Over Diabetes in Spanish - "Juntos Combatiendo La Diabetes"

Photo: 'Juntos Combatiendo La Diabetes' Team Photo

Faculty Team Leader: Mara Sanchez, Optometry

  • Shandi Brito, Physician Assistant
  • Evelyn Nunez, Public Health
  • Maria Ortiz, Physician Assistant
  • Melissa Veulens, Pharmacy
  • Elianet Diaz, Dental Medicine
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