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Cardiopulmonary Sciences
Nova Southeastern University
Palm Beach Campus
11501 North Military Trail
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

For more information, contact LeAnn Clairday at 561-805-2244 or by email.

Nova Southeastern University Palm Beach Campus, Florida

Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy (B.S.R.T) Post Professional (Completion) Degree

Admissions Requirements

Enrollment is now open for the Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy for the Practicing Registered Respiratory Therapist. This program will be delivered entirely online. Admission to the program will require the following.

  1. Hold NBRC Registration as a Registered Respiratory Therapist. (A Block Grant of 45 Credits will be applied toward the BSRT upon proof of RRT and Licensure where applicable, and successful completion of all BSRT course work).
  2. Currently hold a license to practice respiratory therapy, where applicable.
  3. Application with writing sample, and an application fee. The writing sample must include the following: 1) A clear statement of the goals set for entering the BSRT program.
  4. Official transcripts from each university/college attended.
  5. Completion of the following prerequisite general education coursework, with a minimum grade of C. All general education coursework will be evaluated for equivalency. Students must have at a minimum 2 Written Communication above 1500 level (6 credits), 2 Math above 1040 level (6 Credits), 2 Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 Credits) and 2 Natural and Physical Sciences (6 credits) to enter the BSRT completion program.

    Students can be dual enrolled while completing any additional general education requirements. Credits can be transferred in prior to completion of the program. Degree will not be granted until all general education requirements are met.

(Requirements are subject to change without notice.)