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Student Affairs

Policies and Procedures

CHCS SGAs wishing to host events off campus must be given expressed approval by the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs or a designee. If approved, all campus polices will be in effect for the off campus location.

When inviting any companies onto campus, SGAs must request $1 million liability insurance from the company that specifically indemnifies Nova Southeastern University as an insured. For food vendors, they must also provide a copy of their current food license. All documents must be turned into the Office of Student Affairs at least 5 business days prior to the event taking place.

No student, group of students or SGA is permitted to invite or bring an outside vendor, organization or group on campus property or properties without the prior approval of the Office of Student Affairs. Any outside vendor, organization or group that is visiting campus property or properties without the prior approval of the Office of Student Affairs shall be escorted off the campus property by Public Safety.

When a SGA is planning to raise any funds for their organization or for another non-profit (i.e. bake sales, selling t-shirts, book sales, charging admission to events, etc.), the organization must register the fundraiser with the Office Student Activities Fee at least 10 business days prior to the commencement of the fundraiser and must be approved prior to the start of the fundraiser.

An organization can register their fundraiser by completing the Fundraiser Registration Form. The Fundraiser Registration Form is available in the Office of Student Activity Fee or online at

The policy governing the use of alcohol by students at Nova Southeastern University is in compliance with the laws of the state of Florida prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons who are minors (under the age of 21). The policy is based on the use of alcohol in moderation and under appropriate circumstances. The university recognizes that students are adults and are expected to obey the law and take personal responsibility for their own conduct. The laws of the state of Florida prohibit the possession or consumption of alcohol by individuals less than 21 years of age.

  1. The university will not authorize the use of student activity fees or other student funds collected and administered by the university to provide alcoholic beverages for any student event.
  2. The sale, delivery, possession, and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages on any property owned and controlled by NSU is strictly prohibited, except as licensed by the state of Florida or otherwise permitted in these regulations. The use of alcoholic beverages on university premises shall be considered a privilege and may be allowed only if consistent with state laws and university regulations, and only when it will not interfere with the decorum and academic atmosphere of the campus.
  3. Exception to this prohibition is made for university housing residents of legal drinking age. The possession and use of alcoholic beverages in university housing is governed by the Residential Living Guide.
  4. The president, or an appropriate designee, may approve other exceptions to this prohibition, to allow possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons of legal drinking age at designated events and locations on campus.
  5. The use of alcoholic beverages off campus by students of legal drinking age is permissible. However, incidents of intoxication and/or misconduct are subject to university disciplinary action. Students are expected to comply with municipal, state, and federal laws pertaining to the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Any violation of these laws may result in disciplinary action including, but not limited to, probation, suspension, or expulsion from the university.

Guidelines for the Use of Alcohol at University Student Events

  1. Nova Southeastern University functions, which are student oriented, may serve only beer and wine. All requests for such events must be coordinated through CHCS Office of Student Affairs.
  2. Entry fees may be charged, but this fee is only for admission to the event, not for the sale of beer or wine.
  3. One-quarter hour before the approved ending time listed on the exemption, ticket sales will stop.
  4. Any advertisements for the event (including leaflets, invitations, posters, letters, and all other forms of advertisements) cannot advertise alcohol. These advertisements must display the following information: Beverages will be available. Must have valid state-issued picture identification for verification of age.
  5. An adequate amount of food and alternative beverages (such as water, juice, assorted sodas, coffee, and teas) must be available throughout the duration of the event. These will be provided at the cost of the organization holding the event. The amount of food and beverages appropriate for the size of the event will be determined by the director of the student union.
  6. No organization or individual may purchase beer or wine for an event.
  7. The sponsoring organization is responsible for ensuring that all university policies are strictly obeyed. These guidelines do not override existing university policies, but rather, these guidelines should be used in conjunction with any and all other university policies.
  8. Appropriate precautionary measures must be in place to ensure that alcoholic beverages are not served to persons under the legal drinking age. These measures include having a designated individual, as deemed by the Office of Student Affairs, screening people entering the event and attaching a bracelet or stamp indicating those of legal drinking age. At any time during the event, the screening individual has the option to decline identification provided by an individual. The entire staff working the event has the right to refuse service to individuals deemed as having enough alcohol before or during the event.
  9. Under no circumstances should anyone be coerced to drink alcohol. All drinking games, contests, or events that encourage excessive drinking are prohibited. The sponsoring organization is responsible for ensuring that all NSU policies and procedures are strictly obeyed.
  10. It shall be at the discretion of the Office of Student Affairs whether to make arrangements and pay for any security needs necessary based on the specifics of the event and the number of estimated attendees.
  11. Violations of these guidelines during the event may result in the closing of the event. All individual violations will be referred to the Office of Student Affairs for review. The university can take disciplinary actions as a result of violations of these guidelines.

With questions about alcohol policy please contact us

CHCS Office of Student Affairs
Nova Southeastern University
HPD Terry Building
Room 1245
3301 College Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314
(954) 262-1087

All contracts for any and all services, products or venues submitted to SGAs require advance approval and signature from the Office of Student Affairs. When presented with any contract and/or agreement, please submit the contract via interoffice mail, fax or email for review and approval.

All Contracts must be submitted at least ten (10) days in advance.
Contracts requiring a deposit need to be submitted at least thirty (30) days in advance.
University policy dictates that only an authorized representative of NSU may sign the contract on behalf of NSU. As a result, in order to receive payment or reimbursement for the contracted services from student accounts, the contracts must contain an authorized and approved signature of Nova Southeastern University through the CHCS Office of Student Affairs. The University will not provide payment under any circumstances for any contract bearing an unauthorized signature.  Students and advisors of the organization cannot sign contracts.

Nova Southeastern University is exempt from state sales and use taxation for the purchase of items and/or services used during the normal course of University business. Since the exemption is for University business, the goods and services must be paid for with university funds in order to be granted the exemption by the vendor. According to Florida statute, "purchases by the exempt organization are only exempt when the Consumer's Certificate of Exemption is presented to the vendor and the payment is made directly by the organization. Purchases made by individuals on behalf of the organization are taxable, even if the individual is reimbursed by the organization." Therefore, in order to be exempt from tax, payment must be made with a University issued check or a purchase order. If a personal credit card or cash is used, the vendor is entitled to charge tax.

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