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Speech-Language Pathology

Nova Southeastern University offers a full range of degree levels, from a bachelor's to a master's to a doctoral degree, in the field of speech-language pathology. Become a speech-language pathologist or a researcher, and support individuals and communities dealing with communication disorders.

We confer the following degrees:

All students gain a research-based, academic foundation in the concepts and principals in speech, hearing, language, and human communication disorders.

The program in Fort Lauderdale offers a state of the art communication disorders clinic for student practicum experience and as a resource for the community. Specialty clinics in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and voice disorders as well as services for all communication disorders are available for children and adults.

The Department of Speech-Language Pathology strives to keep you informed. MS-SLP students will refer to our handbooks and manuals for guidance as you begin, continue, and end your academic career at Nova Southeastern University

In order for a student to receive transfer credit, courses taken previously must be equivalent to those described in the catalog. Approval of transfer credit will be granted only after the student has met with the program director or his/her designee. The student must provide catalog course descriptions and may be required to provide course syllabi. Final decisions regarding transfer credit will be made in conjunction with the faculty member responsible for the subject matter to which the transfer applies. Only courses completed at regionally accredited universities and colleges, or their foreign equivalents, and ASHA-accredited programs on the graduate level, will be considered for transfer credit into the master’s program. No more than nine semester hours of credit may be transferred into the MS-SLP. In order to be considered for transfer credit, a grade of B or better must have been recorded for each course.

Transfer credits must have been earned within five years prior to a student’s admission to the MS-SLP. Credits earned beyond the time limit may be considered for transfer at the discretion of course instructors. An examination may be required. Students enrolled in the MS-SLP who wish to take a course at another university must have prior approval by either the program director, or his/her designee. Courses must be taken at a CAA–accredited program for the transfer credit to be accepted toward Nova Southeastern University’s degree.

Credits earned at Nova Southeastern University are transferable only at the discretion of the receiving school. Students who wish to transfer credit are advised to contact the admissions office of the receiving school for information.

Students holding a master’s degree in audiology who are seeking a master’s in speech-language pathology for dual licensure or certification may exceed the maximum number of transfer credits upon approval by the program.