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Cardiopulmonary Sciences
Nova Southeastern University
Palm Beach Campus
11501 North Military Trail
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Nova Southeastern University Palm Beach Campus, Florida

Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy First-Professional Program

About the Program

This program is designed for the first-professional (entry-level) student who has completed the prescribed general education credits as well as the program required pre-requisites (see admission requirements). The Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy (BSRT) first-professional degree allows students to gain the knowledge and skills to become an advanced level Registered Respiratory Therapist to meet the demands of our current and future roles in our changing health care systems.

Our diverse curriculum is designed to prepare students to work as critical care specialists and disease managers for neonates, pediatrics and adults. In addition, students will be well versed in home care, evidence-based practice, education, and other specialty areas in which the RRT can work.

Students will participate in didactic, laboratory, and simulation classes as well as complete 1300 clinical rotation hours.