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Pre-Athletic Training Program

What was previously called the pre-professional phase of the Athletic Training Program (ATP) has been renamed the Pre-Athletic Training Program. This new program includes a competitive matriculation process required for acceptance into the professional phase of the ATP (the Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training).

  • Pre-Athletic Training Program (Pre-Professional Phase)
  • Athletic Training Program (Professional Phase)

All athletic training students who have not yet entered the Professional Phase of the ATP curriculum, as outlined in the NSU Undergraduate Student Catalog, may apply for entrance into the Professional Phase of the program once they have completed, or if they are currently taking, all of the courses listed below. Only those who are accepted into the Professional Phase will be able to progress in the program. Enrollment in the Professional Phase of the ATP is capped at 20 students per year based on available clinical rotations and assessment protocols.

Application Requirements

Print the Professional Phase Portfolio packet (password protected; accessible to NSU students only).

Acceptance in the Professional Phase of the program will be based on students' scores in the following categories: overall GPA, portfolio assessment, and a professional interview.

Overall GPA (70%)

  • Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.5 or higher for all NSU courses
  • Student must receive a "C" or better for the following prerequisite courses: ATTR 1100, ATTR 1200, ATTR 1300, ATTR 1400, BIOL 1400 (or equivalent, and BIOL 3312 (or equivalent)).

Portfolio Assessment (20%)

The portfolio is a packet of required documents, including the Professional Phase Application. These documents and forms are included in the Professional Phase Portfolio packet (password protected; accessible to NSU students only).

Professional Interview (10%)

  • The professional interview is conducted with the athletic training admissions committee.
  • Interviews are conducted with all candidates who have met academic requirements (GPA and coursework) and have submitted a completed application, portfolio, and all supplemental application materials by the deadline.

Portfolio Materials

Students applying to the Professional Phase must submit a hardcopy of their completed portfolio to the ATP program director's office.

The portfolio includes the following items:

  • Application
  • Transcript (CAPP Report)
  • Professional resume
  • Letter of Intent (essay)
  • Three (3) completed Professional Recommendation Forms
  • Required accreditation documents:
    • Signed copy of the Technical Standards for Admission
    • Current American Heart Association Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider Certification
    • Signed copy of the medical confidentiality (HIPAA) statement
    • Hepatitis documentation or waiver
    • Pre-participation physical examination
    • Other items specified in the portfolio
  • Completed directed observations - required for both the ATTR 1100 and ATTR 1200 courses

More Information

Students with questions should contact Pradeep R. Vanguri, Ph.D., ATC, athletic training program director and associate professor at the college, at (954) 262-8166 or

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