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Required Vaccines

Immunization Requirements for all CHCS Students

Every student is required to have had an immunization for the following diseases before matriculating at Nova Southeastern University: diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus, varicella (chicken pox), and measles-mumps-rubella.

  1. MMR - this requirement is only satisfied by submitting either
    • A Measles IgG and Rubella IgG titer showing immunity OR
    • Two MMR vaccinations must be documented.
  1. Varicella - this requirement is only satisfied by submitting either
    • A Varicella titer showing immunity OR
    • Two Varicella vaccinations must be documented
      NOTE: Having had Chicken Pox DOES NOT satisfy Varicella requirement
  1. Tetanus-Diphtheria
    • Affirmation of diphtheria/tetanus booster must be documented. This booster is only valid for 10years

Hepatitis B Vaccine

Since every student at the Health Professions Division potentially can be exposed to this deadly virus, and since many rotation sites require it of personnel, we will administer and require hepatitis B vaccination for every entering student during the first year with a follow-up blood test showing the presence of hepatitis B antibody. The cost of the vaccination will be supported through the student activities fee.

  1. Hepatitis B
    • Three (3) vaccinations should be documented for Hepatitis B
  1. Hepatitis B Surface Antibody
    • Serologic testing is REQUIRED for Hepatitis B Surface Antibody. This means you must have your blood drawn to show if you are immune to Hepatitis B vaccine. A copy of your lab result must be attached.

(If the lab results show that the student is not immune, he or she would be REQUIRED to start the Hepatitis B series)

Tuberculosis Screening

  1. Tuberculosis: Because of the resurgence of tuberculosis and the possible exposure of students to TB, the Health Professions Division will require and provide a yearly tuberculosis test for every student. The student activities fee, too, will support this.
  2. There is a two step requirement for PPD/Tuberculosis Screening. If the 1st step is negative, you must have another PPD placed at 7 least days and no longer than 12 months of step one.  If the 1st step is positive, a copy of chest x-ray must be attached. You will be required to get yearly PPD until completion of the program.

Failure to Comply

The University is not required to provide alternate sites for clinical practicum or rotations should immunization be a requirement for placement. Therefore, failure to comply with this policy may result in a student's inability to satisfy the graduation requirements in their program.


Students may request that the University Health Service perform these immunizations. The University Health Service will make appointments in as timely a manner as possible. The appointments, once made, become an obligation of the student and must be

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