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Ethics Bowl

The Rules

The moderator indicates the ethical dilemma that the teams will be considering, and then reads Team 1 the question at the end of the case (e.g. "What do you do?").

Team 1 then has one (1) minute to confer, after which one or two spokesperson(s) for the team may use up to eight (8) minutes to respond to the Moderator's question.

The opposing team receives one (1) minute to confer, and then five (5) minutes to comment on Team 1's answer. This commentary can include the posing of questions to Team 1, which will be answered in Step 4.

Team 1 receives one (1) minute to confer and five (5) minutes to respond to Team 2's analysis with a defense of their position. If Team 2 asked questions, Team 1 may answer them at this time.

The judges then ask questions of Team 1. Before asking questions the judges may confer to briefly discuss areas that they want to cover during the question period. Each judge should ask only one question, with a brief follow-up question if necessary. Judges' Q & A time should not exceed eight (8) minutes.

Teams then rotate roles and steps 1-5 are run with a different case.

The judges evaluate Team 1 and Team 2, writing scores on their score sheets. At the close of the round the Moderator asks the judges to announce the scores for each team.

The judges can use up to five (5) minutes to explain the scores and their reasons for giving them.

The moderator tallies each score after the round and announces the winning team at the end of the round in the Ethics Bowl.

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