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NSU Ethics Bowl

The Ethics Bowl is built on the belief that to be an ethical thinker, you've got to be open to a diverse range of views. This means appreciating the concerns of others, and making a real attempt to understand their views-even when they're unclear or emotional in the way they express themselves.

The rules, format, and procedures of the Ethics Bowl are all designed to help participants engage in a candid, intense exchange of viewpoints. Although issues may be controversial and difficult to resolve, participants should have a discussion that is both civil and intelligent.

Combined with an open mind, this will guarantee sound, ethically minded thinking towards every decision you might encounter as a citizen and a professional.

Our Mission

  1. To expose students to "real world" ethical dilemmas.
  2. To encourage students to work through ethical dilemmas with a solid, ethical foundation.
  3. To encourage students to engage in a truthful, intense exchange of viewpoints with their peers.
  4. To help students develop their abilities to speak in public and think critically.
  5. To build community spirit through healthy competition and dialogue about important professional and civic issues.
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