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NSU Ethics Bowl

Criteria for Personal Ethical Choices

  • Are you being responsible? Making a responsible choice?
  • What are the probable consequences of your choice?
  • If you were on the receiving end, would these consequences be acceptable?
  • Is this a special situation? Or are you pretending it is?
  • Can you discuss the problem with the affected parties before you make your decision?
  • Would you want your employees to make the same decision?
  • Would your mother approve of your choice?
  • Would you be proud of your kids making the same choice?
  • Would you have any difficulty explaining it on 60 Minutes?
  • Would it be okay if others did the same to you?
  • Did you do what you said you would do?
  • Are you being honest with yourself about the real issue?

Source: Effectiveness Institute (Redmond, WA)

The Santa Clara University Markkula Center for Applied Ethics offers interesting commentaries on current ethical issues.

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