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Physical Therapy (Professional DPT - Tampa Bay)

Class Schedules

Each month is organized as follows: 3 weeks of online learning followed by 4 days (Thursday-Sunday) of face-to-face learning. Prior to each term, students receive a schedule denoting the 4-day schedule for each month. 

  • A four-year calendar of weekend dates are provided to all students 
  • Face-to-face class time is mandatory

Delivery Method

The NSU DPT-Tampa Bay Program uses a blended form of delivery for all classes. Blended learning combines online and face-to-face (F2F) instruction to create a distinct learning experience. 

Hybrid classes include asynchronous activities, synchronous experiences, and face-to-face experiences. 


  • Performed by students at times/location of choice 
    • Watching recorded online lectures & videos
    • Reading course materials
    • Interacting with peers and faculty in emails and discussions
    • Working in virtual groups
    • Taking online quizzes
    • Assignments and skill practice


  • When faculty and students meet at the same time electronically 
    • Collaborate: Students hear/see faculty in real time 
    • Video chat/phone/Skype/Zoom sessions 


  • Every four weeks student travel to the Tampa Bay Regional Campus for a four-day institute (Thursday - Sunday) to:
    • Practice hands on skills that were demonstrated online
    • Get feedback from faculty on hands-on skills
    • Apply learning to cases 
    • Work with real patients inside the PT classroom
    • Take practical exams and written exams

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