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M.S. in Athletic Training Program Expenses

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While a majority of the costs for equipment, lab supplies, and learning materials are covered through student tuition and fees, there are additional costs that are the financial obligation of the students enrolled in NSU's Athletic Training Program (ATP). A summary of those costs appears below; however, this list is neither exhaustive nor exclusive to all student financial obligations.

MSAT Program Costs

Other program fees/student costs are as follows:

Item Year 1 Amount Year 2 Amount Frequency
MSAT Tuition Rate $26,800 $27,604 Annual
NSU Student Service Fee $1050 $1050 Annual ($350 per semester)
HPD Administration Fee $145 $145 Annual
Clothing/Uniforms $100 $100 Annual
Textbooks $600 $600 Annual ($300 per semester)
NATA Membership $80 $80 Annual (two years required) = $160
Transportation Based on clinical experience placement Based on clinical experience placement Annual
Approximate TOTALS YEAR 1 TOTAL = $28,775 YEAR 2 TOTAL = 29,579 TWO YEAR TOTAL = $58,354

Other Anticipated Costs


Item Year 1 Amount Year 2 Amount Frequency
Student Insurance $2199 $2199 Annual (Available as through NSU)
EMT National Registrty Exam $80 X One-Time
Background Check  $75 X One-Time
Drug Test $45 X One-Time
Physical Exam $30 X One-Time (based on insurance co-pay)
Immunizations $50 X One-Time (based on insurance co-pay)



The NSU MSAT encourages students to apply to a variety of scholarships through the NATA, SEATA, and ATAF.  Several of our NSU AT Students have successfully earned these scholarships:

NATA Research & Education Foundation
2018 - Angel Stone
2019 - Ramon Ramirez

ATAF Legacy Scholarship

2017 - Zoe Greim

2018 - Kristen Sanchez-Breton

2019 - Ramon Ramirez

Links to these scholarships may be found here at and

Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Assistance is dedicated to helping you navigate the steps in the student financial aid process. To apply for financial aid from federal and state sources, including student employment, follow the steps below. Please remember: Many scholarships require you to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as well.


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