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Jeffrey Doeringer, Ph.D., ATC

Associate Professor, Athletic Training - Ft. Lauderdale
(954) 262-7938
Office: Parker - Rm. 308


2014 – Ph.D. - Oregon State University

2008 – M.S. – Ohio University

2006 – B.S. – East Stroudsburg University

Courses Taught

Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries

Injury Evaluation II

Emergency Care and First Aid

Principles of Athletic Training

Strength and Conditioning

Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries



ATC – Certified Athletic Trainer of the Board of Certification

Areas of Research

My scholarship mission is to study the sensory and motor systems of the human body in an attempt to better understand their mechanisms for the promotion of human movement, physical activity, and injury prevention.  I have expanded my researching looking into the most efficient ways for concussion management on the sidelines for Athletic Trainers and health care providers. I also have investigated into cryotherapy impact on recovery both psychologically and physically for muscle damage exercises.

Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications 

  1. Doeringer, J. Johnson, S.; Norcross, M.; Hoffman, M. (July 2, 2016) The Effects of Plyometric Training on Spinal and Supraspinal Motor Control. Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice. 14 (3) Article 3.
  2. Doeringer, J. Peacock CA, Colas M, Gatens D. (2016) The Effects of Post-Exercise Cooling on Muscle Performance and Pain Perception. Journal of AthleticTraining. 51 (6) Supplement. S-286.
  3. Doeringer, J. Athletic Training Program Provides Medical Care to Rugby Players. Perspectives. College of Health Care Sciences. Summer/Fall 2016
  4. Doeringer, J. Students, Teachers Provide Medical Care at Beach Volleyball Finals. Perspectives. College of Health Care Sciences. Winter/Spring 2016
  5. Kipp, Kristof.; Johnson, Sam.; Doeringer, Jeffrey.; Hoffman, M.  (2011) Spinal Reflexes Excitability and Homosynaptic Depression After a Bout of Whole-Body Vibration. Muscle and Nerve.  42 (2) 259-262.
  6. Doeringer, J. Hoch, M. & Krause A. The effect of focal ankle cooling on spinal reflex activity in individuals with chronic ankle instability. Athletic Training and Sports Health Care. 2009. 1: 59-64.
  7. Krause, B.A., Hoch, M.C., Doeringer, J.R. & Sheets, C.R. Hydration status does not have a significant effect on soleus motoneuron pool excitability. The International Journal of Neuroscience. 2009; Vol. 119 (10), pp. 1693-704.
  8. Doeringer, J.R., Hoch, M.C., & Krause, B.A. Ice Application Effects on Peroneus and Tibialis Anterior Motoneuron Excitability in Subjects with Functional Ankle Instability. The International Journal of Neuroscience. 2010; Vol. 120 (1), pp. 17-22 .
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