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Occupational Therapy Program
Nova Southeastern University
3200 S. University Drive
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33328

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Occupational Therapy (MOT)


Applicants must demonstrate basic computer and word-processing competency, required to submit official scores from the GRE no less than five years old, and complete a minimum of 40 volunteer hours in at least two different OT environments.  In addition, students who enter the MOT program are expected to follow the minimal technical standards described in the "Essential Functions Policy for Admission, Retention, and Graduation". 

courses semester hours
Natural Science
Biology with lab (introduction, general, or principles of) 3-4
Human anatomy and physiology (including lab) 4
OR Human anatomy with lab 4
AND Physiology with lab 3-4
Physics with lab (general, college) 3-4
OR Kinesiology 3-4
English composition
OR English composition 3 AND a writing-intensive course 3 AND a 4.0 on the writing section of the GRE
Other humanities (e.g. art, communications, literature, foreign language, history, philosophy, logic or humanities) 9
Social Science
Psychology 6
Human growth and development or developmental psychology (must cover infancy through aging) 3
Other social sciences (e.g. ethnic studies, anthropology, sociology, ethics) 3
Statistics 3
Medical terminology (college) 1 (minimum)

Recommended Courses

courses credit hours
Ethics 3
Public speaking 3
Theories of personality 3
Logic/Philosophy 3

Certified occupational therapy assistants (COTAs) with an associates degree should contact Office of Admissions to discuss requirements.

Upon review of an applicant's individual record, the committee on admissions may require additional coursework and testing as a condition of acceptance. The dean is empowered to evaluate the total qualifications of every applicant and to modify requirements in unusual circumstances.

For more information, please call the Occupational Therapy Admissions Office at (954)262-1101 or 877-640-0218.