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Awards and Presentations

Faculty Awards

  • Barry A. Freeman, Ph.D.
    • 2006 Honors of the Academy, Distinguished Achievements in Audiology, presented at the Annual Conference of the American Academy of Audiology
    • 2004 Presidential Award, American Academy of Audiology
    • 2003 Larry Mauldin Award for Excellence in Education in the Hearing Healthcare Profession. Presented at the Annual Convention of the American Academy of Audiology, San Antonio
  • Teri A. Hamill, Ph.D.
    • 2005 Presidential Award, American Academy of Audiology

Faculty Appointments

  • Teri A. Hamill, Ph.D. Vice-Chair, NSU Institutional Review Board; Director, Audiologist's Assistant Program; Chair, Featured Sessions Committee of American Academy of Audiology 2008 Convention
  • Barry A. Freeman, Ph.D. Chair, American Academy of Audiology Taskforce on State Licensure, Government Affairs Committee
  • Richard Saul, Ph.D., Vice President Communications, Florida Academy of Audiology

Student Awards

Weiser Audiology Scholarship Recipients

  • Class of 2010 - Shanna Weller
  • Class of 2009 - Tricia Sheehan
  • Class of 2008 - Julia Andrews

Chancellor Scholars

  • Sam Bittel
  • Sandy Hopper
  • Sarah Wakefield
  • Nicole Ball
  • Alissa Stern
  • Jennifer Daniels
  • Stephanie Born
  • Michelle Bruszer
  • Stacia Barboza
  • Ashley Richie
  • Erin Cocchiola
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